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Leadership Styles Behaviors - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 3 Words: 760 Downloads: 2 Date added: 2019/03/22 Category Psychology Essay Level High school Tags: Behavior Essay Did you like this example? Completing a project successfully is the main goal and duty of a leader or a project manager. And it can be extremely stressful while taking the right decisions for achieving the same. The leader should be able to adapt to any style for achieving the best and making his team work happily on every ground. The leader should always have a clear vision and should be able to motivate others. An inspiring leader can make any detached worker to be enthusiastic. He should be the problem solver of the team and an excellent decision maker. Decision making is very crucial when it comes to the leader. The Leader can have his own style of managing his team, which can be natural or adapted. It isnt mandatory that the leader should possess a certain type of style but can be a blend of many styles which would lead to the successful completion of the project. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Leadership Styles Behaviors" essay for you Create order We know, according to DSCS, the major leadership styles are DIRECT, SPIRITED. CONSIDERATE, AND SYSTEMATIC. And the leader has to go through various situations where he should be able to adapt to each style whereever necessary for the victorious ending of the project. The leader should really be good at establishing a great vision and outlining an appealing picture of where we are heading to, which is one of the main traits of a Dominant leader. Mean while, a motivating leader can only lead the members effectively towards that set goal and thats what we call Spirited Leader or Inspirational Leader. And then the leader should act as a Coach and help people to find their own solutions to problems, may be by listening or by asking. Also can look for suggestions that could find the missing element of the project success by discussing with the group members, usually following the Considerate leadership style. And it is very important that the management should be Systematic and planning, though in between you can communicate well and take suggestions from the team members. So in total, all the styles are needed at some point of management. There are many key style and presence issues a Program Manager should consider when he/she wishes to function as an optimum leader. VISION: The foremost quality a Project manager should possess is to have a great Vision and to try hard to reach that successfully. DECISION MAKING: A great leader has the capability of making the right choice and to take the appropriate decision. He knows to assign the tasks properly among the members. Always right decisions lead to the success of the project. COMMUNICATION: The leader who maintains good communication skills would be able to clearly articulate his vision, instructions and expectations to others. He should always be willing to interact and listen to his team mates and take feedbacks which would enable him to work in all environments. ADAPTABLE: The best leader has the ability to adjust and adapt to every working environment. Every time it isnt mandatory, that we get the best team members. But a leader becomes a great leader when he is able to mold the team in the right way. KNOWLEDGE: The leader should be qualified enough to guide his members with enough knowledge. The team should always feel confident about their manager who would be in charge of them. ATTITUDE: An optimal leader will always have a positive attitude through out his journey. Only happy people can make others happy. INTEGRITY: The leader should be able to gain the trust of the members and have to maintain it. PROBLEM SOLVING: The project manager should be capable of making right solutions at the right time. Only an optimum leader would be able to figure out the quick fix for any obstacle that come along the way. And never panic at any time when faced with a hurdle, which can lead to the failure of the leader. MOTIVATION: The leader should always be self motivated and should be ready to motivate his team members as well. Only through continuous inspiration, he can build a great team that would work diligently. So, as a bottom line, we could say that the leadership styles have to be used accordingly at various situations. It can be either self developed or learned through experiences. A leader can be a mix-up of all the styles. At the end, all that matters is the successful completion of the project. The leader can hence be consistent with successful project management. BIBLIOGRAPHY HBRS 10 must reads on Leadership

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INFLUENZA Essay examples - 1179 Words

Influenza, also known as â€Å"the flu,† is a virus that infects the respiratory tract. Although Influenza is not as severe as many viral infections its almost the worst for viral infections of the respiratory tract. Typically, when someone is infected with influenza they experience fever (usually 100 ° to 103 °F in adults, but even higher in children) and causes a cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, and also headaches, muscle aches, and usually extreme tiredness. There are sometimes other symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea but usually only in rare cases with young children. One other note: The term â€Å"Stomach flu† isn’t really caused by the influenza virus. The average recovery time from the flu is about 1-2 weeks, although†¦show more content†¦Although Type A viruses undergo both types of changes, Type B only go through the more gradual Type B. Antigenic shift occurs only occasionally, but when it does large numbers of people or even entire populations have no antibody against the virus. Although this is potentially lethal, the virus can only start a pandemic if it is able to be spread easily. Throughout the 20th century there were three pandemics, one in 1918, one in 1957, and one in 1968. Each of which resulted in large numbers of deaths. The 1918 pandemic was known as the â€Å"Spanish Flu† and was Influenza strain A(H1N1) and it caused the highest known influenza death rate known, 500,000 Americans and 20 million people worldwide. The 1957 pandemic was known as the â€Å"Asian Flu† and was Influenza strain A(H2N2) and caused 70,000 U.S. deaths. The 1968 Pandemic was known as the â€Å"Hong Kong Flu† and was Influenza strain A(H3N2) and caused 34,000 deaths in the U.S. The emergence of the â€Å"Hong Kong Flu† in 1968-1969 marked the beginning of the A(H3N2) days. When this virus first emerged it had the lowest mortality rate in the 20th century. Although this virus first emerged with such a small death rate, it still continues to kill people to this day. Just as when the A(H2N2) virus appeared in 1957 causing the disappearance of the A(H1N1) virus, the appearance of the A(H2N3) virus caused the disappearance of the A(H2N2) virus. After being dormant for almost 30 years, the A(H1N1) virus reappeared and todayShow MoreRelatedInfluenza As An Influenza Virus1426 Words   |  6 PagesINTRODUCTION: Influenza, more commonly known as the ‘flu’, is a chameleon like infectious disease, that presents itself with varying characteristics from year to year, due to the wavering identity of the strain. â€Å"Like HIV, influenza is an RNA virus, constantly changing its appearance and adept at eluding recognition by the human immune system† (Schneider, 2014). From its inception of 1918, influenza claims an average of 250,000 to 500,000 people worldwide, annually. Little is known of the virus’sRead MoreThe Epidemic Of Influenza And Influenza1412 Words   |  6 Pagessecond to a variety of reasons, some that could be prevented others where that is not the case. However, experts agree that influenza and influenza related deaths could be significantly prevented if people took the influenza vaccine annually. The influenza virus is a deadly virus that has been killing people since the 1900s; in 1918 the first recorded epidemic of a strain of influenza known as th e Spanish flu killed approximately 50 million people (Pandemic Flu History). Because people did not know whatRead More INFLUENZA Essay1582 Words   |  7 PagesINFLUENZA Introduction One can claim that influenza is an infection that has victimized people from just about every generation that we have known. The term Influenza comes from the Latin word influentia, first used by the Italians in the 1600s. It is a highly contagious infection particulary of the respiratory tract.In addition to us humans, influenza can occur in pigs, horses, and several other mammals as well as in certain wild and birds. It can also jump from specie to specie as observedRead More INFLUENZA Essay924 Words   |  4 Pages INFLUENZA nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;A virus called an Orthomyxovirus causes influenza. Often called flu, sometimes-even grippe. It is a very contagious disease, and it infects many parts of our bodies. This also includes are lungs. A person can get influenza if someone coughs, sneezes, or even talks around you while they are infected. Influenza is sometimes considered serious in some cases but can be prevented and treated. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; When you get the â€Å"flu† in the lungsRead MoreAvian Influenza ( Influenza )2106 Words   |  9 PagesAvian Influenza (H5N1) In this task, the investigation will be done is about the emerging infectious disease and the name of disease will be researched is avian influenza. Avian Influenza is also known as bird flu, is a type A influenza virus. It is lethal to poultry and is potentially fatal in humans. Avian Influenza is defined as emerging infectious disease (Bird flu (avian influenza), 2012). Water birds such as wild ducks are believed to be the carriers of all avian influenza type A virusesRead MoreThe Great Influenza1092 Words   |  4 PagesTHE GREAT INFLUENZA The book The Great Influenza by John Barry takes us back to arguably one of the greatest medical disasters in human history, the book focuses on the influenza pandemic which took place in the year 1918. The world was at war in the First World War and with everyone preoccupied with happenings in Europe and winning the war, the influenza pandemic struck when the human race was least ready and most distracted by happenings all over the world. In total the influenza pandemic killedRead MoreEssay on Influenza568 Words   |  2 PagesInfluenza Essay Influenza is a disease also known as ‘the flu’ which is most common in the U.S. Influenza is caused by a contagious virus that is spread by fluids of coughing, sneezing and direct eye contact from surfaces where serious infection and death occur around the world mostly in winter. Someone who gets the disease, inhale the virus or touch the germs from objects including computer keyboards and telephones and then touching their mouths and nose. Influenza viruses spread from person toRead More Influenza Essay example617 Words   |  3 Pages Influenza nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; Influenza, normally called â€Å"the flu†, the influenza virus causes an infection in the respiration tract. Even though the influenza virus can sometimes be compared with the common cold. It also can cause a more severe illness or death. During this past century, pandemics took place in 1918, 1957, and 1968, in all of these cases there where unfortunately many deaths. The â€Å"Spanish flu† in 1918, killedRead MoreInfluenza A H1N1 Virus1818 Words   |  8 PagesIntroduction In 1918-19 approximately 50 million deaths were a detriment of the Spanish H1N1 virus pandemic; a respiratory virus. According to the World Health Organization, the second Influenza A H1N1 pandemic in 2009 spread to more than 200 countries causing more than 18 000 deaths. Before the World Health Organization had announced the official end of the pandemic in August 2010, in July 2009 the World Health Organization sent out a phase 6 warning that H1N1 could soon be a global pandemic.Read MoreThe Pandemic Of Influenza And Vaccination2024 Words   |  9 PagesINTRODUCTION Every year, millions of people start talking about the influenza virus and getting their vaccines as the flu season approaches, which starts around the October-November period and reaches its peak between December and March. Therefore, public health officials around the world- and in the U.S in particular- are constantly challenged by properly preparing for the annual influenza dilemma, given that this viruses, and other respiratory viruses, are a serious health threat to the U.S population

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Defense Mechanisms Essay Example For Students

Defense Mechanisms Essay Defense MechanismsSometimes in dealing with anxiety and conflict, a level of the brainalso deals with memories. This level is called the unconscious level. Behaviorthat involves self-deception is a mental defense called defense mechanisms. Some of these defences can be valuable devices. When someone replaces aseemingly impossible goal with a possible one, compensation has beenn used. Redirecting aggresion from hostility to a drive to be sucessful is helpful. This defence is sublimation. While fantasy is a form of escape, it is also away to work out imaginary solutions to conflicts. Some of these defences can be harmful to you as well as others. When aperson lashes out at another person for no reason, it may be the results ofsomething that happeneded earlier that day. The person who was lashed out at isthe victim of displaced agression. When these defence mechanisms are taken toextremes and used over a long period of time these defences can be harmful.

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Low Carbohydrate Diets VS Low Fat Diets free essay sample

Concerning weight loss, there are countless varieties of diets, swearing to be the most effective, innovative, easiest, and fastest, leaving us confused; running down a path of failure to loosing the weight permanently. Unfortunately, loosing weight is a challenge, but the opportunity of success is much closer than you think. No matter what type of diet you are on, it is important to know that diets usually make you go on a program that is either low carbohydrate or low fat. Following the specific rules of a low carbohydrate diet or a low fat diet will allow you to lose an effective amount of weight. The first step to losing the weight is writing down everything you eat and keeping track of the calories you are taking in. Keeping in mind that consuming more calories than you burn will result in weight gain, and vise versa. Foods that contain carbohydrates are: bread, rice, wheat, flour, biscuits, pasta and anything that contains â€Å"SUGAR†. We will write a custom essay sample on Low Carbohydrate Diets VS Low Fat Diets or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Foods that contain fats are: meat, fish, chicken skin, milk, nuts, cheese, mayonnaise, pork, and anything that is dense (containing Vitamin A, D, E, and K). Unfortunately, to many people have the misconception of the good and the bad of fat and carbohydrates. In attribute to your health and wellness, it is a concern that both elements, fats and carbohydrates, are extremely vital for your body. There are the â€Å"bad fats† called trans fat, and, â€Å"bad carbs† which come from sodas, sugar, processed and refined foods. A low fat diet is a diet that holds a minimum of fat, supremely cholesterol and saturated fat, which accelerates chances of raising blood cholesterol levels and having a heart attack. Conversely, a low carbohydrate diet is a program that restricts all carbohydrate consumption, and replaces it with higher percentage of fats and lean protein containing Omega 3, which are essential for the heart and immune system. A low carbohydrate is often used to combat obesity. More than half of the US Population is overweight and obese. Unfortunately, the pros and cons of a low carbohydrate and a low fat  diet are inevitable. Not all diets works for everyone, since we all have our own body composition and react to foods a certain way. As a result, in order to help you find what is best for your body, here is what you should know about low fat and low carbs diet: A low fat diet has a hidden ability of cutting down calories in pursuance of better managing your weight. Considering fat serves up more than double the amount per gram (9 calories) as oppose to protein and carbohydrates (4 calories per each gram), subsequently, it will implement further caloric burning for your efforts. The best way to eat a low fat diet is by consuming as much fruits and vegetables as possible. Low fat diets may too reduce your risk of having heart disease and decrease cholesterol majorly. For the cons of this diet, reducing saturated fats too dramatically can also can be unhealthy, and cause lack of dietary nutrients, essentially: Vitamin B, Zinc, and needful fatty acids that your body requires. Furthermore, an overweight person following a diet that is low in fat and high in carbohydrate is capable of increasing fat in the blood, resulting in a decrease of the â€Å"good† HDL cholesterol. Accompanying with the low carbohydrate diet, this dietary plan focuses on the diminishing carbs while increasing fats and proteins. The positive side of a low carbohydrate diet is most notably how it lowers blood pressure and increases fat loss. However, it may also burn muscle tissue and have a deficiency in important nutrients and constitutive fiber the body craves. Respectively, low fat and low carb diets will make you loose weight, but because of the consequences, neither diet should be used long-term. As tough as it may sound, losing weight effectively comes with an exercise regimen. It is essential for your body to burn off calories and fat through sweat. Sweat plays a critical role in releasing all the toxins and extra water weight out of your body. Therefore, exercising in accompany with your diet will significantly boost your metabolism, shape your body, burn extra fat, increase energy levels, focus, and accentuate greatly your health and wellness. Fun ways to exercise is participating in gym classes, dancing, and playing sports such as tennis, swimming, football, and anything that may  appeal to make you enjoy yourself. The principal key of going on a diet is not thinking about experiencing a diet, but instead, introducing your mind to new things, staying out of the kitchen and keeping yourself busy throughout the day. Using meditation and yoga will also help train your brain to relax, relieve any type of stress, forget about all the problems, and just focus on the present. Having a cheat day is considered unquestionably normal when on a diet. Allowing yourself to eat anything you want is surprisingly beneficial for weight loss because it makes you feel contempt and rewarded of all the hard work you’ve already done. A tip for cheat days Is consuming the food as early in the day as possible that way it leaves your body more time to digest it. Keep in mind: don’t consume anything 3 to 4 hours before going to sleep, and any sugar consumed after 5:30 pm will result as fat storing in the body. Assuredly, following a low carbohydrate or a low fat diet will make you lose weight in a short amount of time while keeping the causes and effects in mind. It is a diet specified for quick and effective weight loss, not meant to be long-term. Not to forget creating an agenda of your food consumption daily, allowing a cheat day, and incorporating an exercise and mediation regimen. Considering both diets and knowing what type of food you prefer, you’ll eventually know what is more adapted for you.

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4 Strategies to Avoid Truck Driver Burnout

4 Strategies to Avoid Truck Driver Burnout Long haul driving is hard. Period. Truck drivers are said to work 70-hour work weeks, but we all know the reality is more like 90. Compared to a normal office worker, clocking in at 40 hours a week, this is already a recipe for exhaustion. Add in the fact that off-duty time, usually spent waiting between loads or at a truck stop, requires a certain amount of vigilance and maintenance of the rig- and isn’t really down time after all. Plus the fact that the human body prefers to sleep at night, in the dark, when the body’s natural rhythm calls for it. And that, to be healthy, one needs better access to healthier food than can be found at truck stops or fast food eateries- and you’ve got a whole lot of drivers barreling down the highway towards depression, exhaustion, poor-health, and the dreaded burn out.Here are four strategies to make sure this doesn’t happen to you, whatever stage you might be at in your trucking career:1. Take vacationsYou might think yo u can’t afford the time off, even if you’ve been allotted it. But really, it’s the other way around; you can’t afford not to take the time off to rest and recharge. It will make you a safer, happier, and healthier driver. Take holidays as well! Family time is important. The normal rhythms of civilian life are too.2. Take breaksYou may get bonus points with your boss, and perhaps an extra couple of bucks, for getting there an hour sooner. But at what cost? Breaks, especially when you’re feeling even slightly fatigued, can be a game changer and a serious morale booster.3. Get regularIf at all possible, try and get on a regular route. You’ll be able to stop in the same places, build yourself a routine, and get on a more regular sleep pattern. If this isn’t possible, put yourself on the spare board on a regular, rotating basis. Falling asleep at the wheel is never worth the risk.4. Embrace the electronicNobody is particularly thrilled wit h these new electronic logs, but they may actually help level the playing field. They’ll take everyone off the road after 70 or so hours, and enforce breaks and rests. You’ll never have to worry that someone else is putting in double hours to make bank. And you can take your much-deserved break in peace.

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Humanities Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Humanities - Assignment Example Despite the strong image factor, the West still makes and sells this kind of music successfully across the globe. Thus, music is a Western construct because the West â€Å"makes† music according to its own definitions and classifications of it. Music and/or dance can do things that are different from visual art by using properties that the latter does not contain and by involving couple, group, or community performance. Barnett (2012) provided five propositions of what music is, which does not only set it apart from other forms of noise, but from visual art as well. Music is organized sound, which is different from the organized hues of visual art (Barnett, 2012, p.7). The audience consumes music through their ears, and sometimes through their ears and eyes, while visual art is entirely for the eyes. Moreover, dance is a performance that sometimes requires two or more people participating in its production. The social aspect of its production sets it apart from visual art that can be very single-artist-driven in construction. Dance can also serve several social functions. Dance and its accompanying music act as a â€Å"lens† through which people can find social celebration and community solidarity (Barnett, 2012, p. 23). Dance can refer to rituals and other dances that serve diverse individual and social functions. Individually, people can dance to express themselves or to heal or curse others. Dance and music are common staples in social events too, such as weddings, birthdays, and funerals. Thus, dance and music operate at a different level than visual arts and can also be very social in its production and outcomes. Tango is an important music and dance in Argentina culture, precisely because it originated from Buenos Aires, Argentina. The urban poor developed tango during the 1890s and because of the socioeconomic conditions of its makers, tango was danced more frequently in brothels during this time (Morales, 2003,

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Project Procurement Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Project Procurement Management - Essay Example A signed Charter authorizes the Project Team to begin work on the project. Project Schedule gives planned dates for starting and completing activities and milestones. Project schedule could be an addendum to the project charter or be part of the charter document itself to provide a high-level timeline of the project to the management and the stakeholders. The Project charter should contain rough estimates for the management to budget for the project or choose to approve this project over other projects that are in contention for the funding. This could also be included in the charter document itself or be a separate supporting document as an enclosure. Expense item Costs$ Capital costs Hardware $25,000.00 Software $106,000.00 Infrastructure $83,000.00 Installation $12,000.00 Professional Services - implementation and training $200,000.00 Others $53,000.00 Total Capital Costs $479,000.00 First Year Operating Costs Salaries $300,000.00 Computer Operational costs $85,000.00 Contracted Services $200,000.00 Professional services $150,000.00 Others $75,000.00 Total first year operational costs $810,000.00 Total budget cost estimate $1,289,000.00 References: 1. Project Charter defined Authority Documentation Comparing Prince2 with PMBOK 2. What should a project charter contain A Project Charter template

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Earth is my mother Essay Example for Free

Earth is my mother Essay The author’s purpose in writing was to understand for herself and to be able to present Navajo sandpaintings as â€Å"dynamically sacred living entities whose meanings lie in the process of their creation and use† (page xix). Sandpaintings, created from different colored sands and sacred objects, are not art. They are representations of mythical beings and legends created for the purpose of reestablishing someone’s health and harmony. The study of sandpaintings and their various meanings permits the reader considerable insight into Navajo land-tied religious beliefs, world view, creation myths, society, history, and even concepts of time. The author, Trudy Griffin-Pierce, provides little autobiographical information in the book. She mentions her rootless Air Force upbringing and how her early readings were devoted to books about Native American culture, especially the Navajo. Although she is distantly related to the Catawba Indians of South Carolina, she always felt a kinship with the Navajo and lived for a time with a Navajo family, learning their traditions, history, and language. This bond drew her to Arizona after she completed her undergraduate degree in art at Florida State University. N. Scott Momaday, in his â€Å"Forward†, adds that Ms. Griffin-Pierce is a very creative artist, capable of understanding and discussing the artistic dimension of the Navajo world. She makes the inventive and imaginative Navajo system of belief without our understanding. Ms. Griffin-Pierce received her doctorate in anthropology from the University of Arizona in 1987, where she is currently Assistant Professor in the Anthropology Department and teaches three courses. The information on her website at the University of Arizona reveals that this was her first published book. She has written four newer books, The Encyclopedia of Native America (1995), Native Americans: Enduring Cultures and Traditions (1996), Native Peoples of the Southwest (2000), and Paridigms of Power: The Chiricahua Apache Prisoners of War and Naiche’s Hide Paintings (in press); and two articles, â€Å"When I am Lonely the Mountains Call Me: The Impact of Sacred Geography on Navajo Psychological Well Being†, and â€Å"Navajo Religion†. All of her writings center on the history of Indians in the United States’ Southwest. She is currently studying aging and dementia among Arizona’s Native Americans. In Earth is my Mother; Sky is my Father, Ms. Griffin-Pierce details Navajo religious beliefs, world views, historical myths, societal structure, and astronomical concepts before she discusses the use and structure of Navajo sandpaintings. Basic Navajo religious beliefs are still followed by many Navajos who chose not to assimilate the tenets of Christianity presented to them in the 1800’s. There is no word for â€Å"religion† in the Navajo language. Spirituality, health, harmony, and beauty are inseparable. The universe is an all-inclusive whole where everything has a unique place and beneficial relationship to all other living things. God is the â€Å"Unknown Power† worshipped through His Creation. The Navajo also have a close relationship with the Holy People, with whom they interact daily. (page 34) Navajo religious beliefs are closely tied to their intense longing for and their love of their homeland, which they consider the â€Å"point in space from which all conceptions of the cosmos proceed†. (page xv) The land and the earth is their foundation of all belief, wonder, and meaning in human existence, and the four sacred mountains are the center. There are no permanent religious centers. The Native American Church is a local peyote visionary religion.    The Navajo have a circular concept of time that permits their mythic, spiritual world to coexist with their physical world. The author suggests that the Navajo sacred sandpaintings cannot be understood unless we accept the Navajo’s â€Å"mythopoetic context of layered time, space, and meaning†. (page 7) Navajo spirituality affirms humanity’s place in nature as a whole. Their ceremonies restore the interconnectedness of all life. They believe sickness results from failure to maintain reciprocal responsibilities with the environment, infringement of ceremonial rules, and transgressions against one’s own mind and bodies. Her purpose in writing this book is to share a more humane, more connected view of the world and its contributions in reestablishing humanity’s alignment with the universe. (page 9) Navajos still worship gods and goddesses of specific purposes. Their deities include the Sun; Changing Woman, who brings the earthly seasons; and their children, Hero Twins, Monster Slayer, Born-for Water, First Man and First Woman, First Boy and First Girl, the trickster Coyote, and the Speechless Ones, who cannot utter words. (page 34) These are often depicted in the sandpaintings. Navajos have a concept of the â€Å"Holy Wind†, reminiscent of the Christian Holy Spirit, as a being that exists everywhere and is in all living beings. For them this means that all living beings are related and that humanity has a responsibility to care for other living beings. Curiously, in Navajo Creation stories, the Holy People spoke, sang, and prayed the world into existence with their sacred words. Since everyone has an inner form and is part of the Holy Wind, each has a Holy Person located within. Oneness with the universe creates a responsibility to treat one’s fellow creatures with the same respect one has towards oneself. (page 73). The Navajos were among the last American Indians to migrate from Asia to North America and were late in arriving in the Southwest. They settled in the geographical area bounded by the four Sacred Mountains in the Four Corners area of the Southwest. Their geographical isolation protected them from diseases brought by the Spaniards and provided them with access to stealing their horses, sheep, and goats. They learned weaving from the Pueblos. The Navajo societal structure was and is matriarchal, clan, and family based, and they dwell in isolated family groups structured by the nuclear family, the matrilocal extended family, close relatives, and other relatives. Many Navajo live in frame houses today, but some still choose well-constructed hogans. (page 21) Navajo ceremonial healings involving sandpaintings are conducted by highly trained practitioners called â€Å"chanters† who have learned to sing the elaborate Navajo rituals. The Navajo chanter can cure witchcraft, exorcise ghosts, and establish immunity to illness.   A chanter is a priest, not a shaman, and never enters the shaman’s characteristic trance state. Most chanters are men. Women become diagnosticians, or shamans who acquire knowledge in a trance state. (page 39) Navajo ceremonials are rites (rattle is not used) or chants (rattle accompanies singing. The major rites (Blessingway and Enemyway) use drypaintings with pigments made from plants, including corn, pollens, cornmeal, flower petals, and charcoal. The author explains that Enemyway is a form of exorcism against the ghosts of aliens, violence, and ugliness. The chanting ceremonies (Holyway, Evilway, or Lifeway) use sandpaintings of different colors of sand, ocher and charcoal. Other sacred objects, vegetation, and bowls of water are incorporated into both types of ceremonies. (pages 40-41) There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different sandpainting designs. A sandpainting is a place of entry where supernaturals enter and leave, attracted by their likenesses in the painting. The establishment of this pathway lets the evil or illness in the patient be replaced by the good, or healing power of the supernatural being. (page 43) The healing ceremonies last for several days. It takes four to six people three to five hours to complete a sandpainting six feed in diameter. The workers begin in the center and work outwards. (page 45. The Navajos’ basic concept is that the powers of the heavens and earth are drawn into the sandpainting for the purpose of healing. Time is compressed so that powerful mythic events of the past coexist with the present and restore harmony and well being to the person being healed. (page 58) The sandpainted image is intended to let the sick person project his or her mind through time and space, rising above present earthly limitations.   The Navajo layered worldview becomes meaningless during a ceremony as all layers of heavens and underground become one. The Navajos study the constellations and star arrangements primarily for determination of seasons, and they are not part of the ceremonial core of sandpaintings, even though depictions of mythical gods of creation in the form of constellations may be used. (page 103) One of the more interesting myths is how Younger Brother went to the sky country and met an inner circle of hostile beings whom he left to stay with the friendly Star People in the outer dwellings. These friendly Star People, whom the Navajo call â€Å"The People†, and the hostile beings are still incorporated into sandpaintings. The author concentrated on the â€Å"Mother Earth, Father Sky† sandpainting because it is the most familiar to outsiders and presents the most detailed depiction of the Navajo heavens of sandpaintings in use today. (page 175) She describes the intricate, careful, detailed process involved in making a sandpainting. Mother Earth and Father Sky must be identical in shape and size. The act of creating a sandpainting is healing because it focuses everyone’s thoughts on the principles of balance and order. (page 177) The painting becomes â€Å"alive† to serve its transcendent purpose when the chanter strews sacred pollen on it and blesses those attending. (page 183). The sacred and blessed sandpainting forces the patient to reconnect in time and space to past and present sacred forces and reminds the patient of her connectedness to humans present physically or spiritually. (page 194) This book accomplishes the author’s stated purposes and does discuss the themes in detail. However, the information is disorganized and scattered, making the book itself hard to read. The author’s purpose was to teach the reader how to understand and appreciate the making, content, and purpose of Navajo sandpainting, which she accomplishes. Some of the information presented about Navajo religious beliefs is curiously similar to Christianity, and the author does not sufficiently discuss whether or not these were original to the Navajo who migrated to the Americas or picked up and changed a bit from what Christian missionaries tried to teach them. The Navajo ties to the religious symbolism of their land is remarkably similar to early Hebrew thought, but no mention is made of that. The textual sources used by the author are all documented research papers or books that are fairly recent in date. One would wish earlier sources had been consulted on some issues, but their availability is not known. The author combines quite boring detailed information with her myths and more lively text, making the book itself a challenge to complete. BIBLIOGRAPHY Southwest Studies Program. Biography of Trudy Griffin-Pierce. University of Arizona. http://web. arizona. edu/~swst/faculty/tgpierce. htm. Griffin-Pierce, Trudy. Earth is my Mother; Sky is my Father. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 1992.

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Fashion media communication

Fashion media communication â€Å"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didnt do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.†- Mark Twain All my life I have dared to go that extra mile to achieve whatever I have wanted. Now that I have become a part of this industry I am living my dream. Fashion and Style are not mere words but an intrinsic part of todays life. Fashion according to me has limitless possibilities and infinite opportunities for the creativity in an individual. It has a wide spectrum, and still a wider scope for experimentation to express that creative urge. Today fashion has acquired global standing. Its language imbibes in itself a blend of cultures. Fashion is the great leveler, the harmonizer. Fashion is the fusion of artistic tastes, its eloquence may be simply elegant or classic. Whether one feels identified to fashion or not, being indifferent to its massive attack is inevitable. Having had the opportunity to study in one of the most prestigious fashion institutes in the country I have been able to imbibe in me the intricate nuances and skills of the fashion world. But I believe in maintaining an explorative attitude as life is a learning process hence I am keen on exploring other dimensions in this field. The various Industry visits which were a part of my curriculum during my graduation and the internship at one of the leading export houses of India aided me to interface between design and technicalities of production and understand the different arenas of the fashion industry. I also had the opportunity to promote the arts and crafts of India by undertaking projects in the cluster developments of the country. I have a flair for designing and the ability to maximize the resources in hand and the confidence and desire to make a name for myself in the field of Fashion Media and communication. The Fashion Design degree from the National Institute of Fashion Technology has instilled in me high levels of creative awareness. An accentuated penchant for excellence gives me the required patience, which is a prerequisite in the field. I do not get bogged down by deadlines; rather I keenly look forward to meet them. Designing and production are certainly not the end of the design process, with promotion of the fashion products being an equally important part which depends mainly upon the creative use of the diverse media involving communication techniques. My bachelors education in Design has endowed me with lasting inputs in areas like Design Process, Fashion forecasting, Product development, Graphic Design, Styling, Fashion management and branding which I believe will help me to further strengthen my abilities and develop in me the art and acumen to carve a niche for my self in the field of Fashion Media and use the appropriate tools to market fashion as the product of artistic creativity. I desire to become a student at your highly acclaimed institute to polish my skills which I inculcated during my graduation through perseverance and dedication and   focus on the core concept of fashion as an inherent part of our society with the objective of making people aware of the importance of fashion as a way of life. I see HE Diploma (Fashion Media and Communication) offered at the London College of Fashion as a means for enabling me the high expertise and skills required in this field. But most importantly, I see it as a means of evolving my own personality and outlook about the fashion world and directing my energy and knowledge towards the efficient and meaningful culmination of my career objectives.Through this course I would want to focus and develop in me the ability to be part of Fashion Media, and use the appropriate tools to project and market fashion as the right mix of artistic creativity and business. I believe in expression and I have chosen fashion as my medium of self expression and would like to use fashion media and communication as a platform to realize my dreams. I strive to be the best, trained by none other than the best. As Archimedes once said â€Å"Give me a firm place to stand, and I will move the earth†.

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The Role of Fate in Oedipus the King – Essay Sample

Oedipus the King was written by Sophocles and was is titled Oedipus Rex in Latin. It is one of the most well-known Greek tragedies. As is the case with Greek tragedies—or roughly most tragedies that make their way to stage—fate plays a key role in the events in Oedipus the King. The play is also the origin of the term â€Å"Oedipus complex. † Fate as Antagonist The primary antagonist in this tale is fate. Most tragedies where fate is the driving theme the characters in its web all attempt to escape it.Unfortunately fate can’t be avoided and if it is tempted fate will usually render a far worse conclusion for attempting to deprive it of its will. Laius’ Fate Apollo tells Laius that he and Jocasta would have a son that would kill him. When Oedipus is born, Jocasta sends Oedipus to his own fate and leaves him on a mountainside to die. Jocasta attempts to cheat fate by doing away with her son to save her husband, but Oedipus is found by a shepherd who s aw the whole thing and raised by King Polybus.Laius’ fate comes when he kidnaps the son of King Pelops and basically showed little respect for Pelops’ hospitality by doing so. The Fate of Thebes Oedipus sends Creon to the temple of Apollo to figure out what will become of Thebes and how to do away with the plague. Fate is tempted here by the Oedipus attempting to end the plague when it is not his place to do so. Apollo tells Oedipus that he will end up killing his father and taking his mother. Oedipus believes he will end up killing King Polybus. Oedipus’ Fate Teiresias—Apollo’s blind prophet—tells Creon of Oedipus’ fate.Oedipus is busy trying to find the murderer of Laius. Teiresias cryptically tells Oedipus the nature of his marriage, but Oedipus doesn’t interpret the meaning in Teiresias’ words. He tells Oedipus that the shame of his relationship will bring about ruin and that the insults Oedipus gives to him will be returned as a result of his deed. Oedipus sets himself up for downfall further when he forsakes Teiresias’ word and says he has no special ability.As prophets are basically the mouth of the gods and do their direct  will, Oedipus is in a way committing blasphemy. The provocation leads Teiresias to—again cryptically—tell Oedipus that he is actually on level footing with his children and that the truth with crush him. When Oedipus relays the events to his wife, she tells him to ignore the prophecy and that Apollo’s prophecy didn’t hold up as she believed that her husband was killed by a bandit. Strands of Fate Tied Up Oedipus finds out that Polybus doesn’t die at his hands, but of natural causes so it seems the prophecy didn’t come true.However, Laius is killed by Oedipus when the two argued over who had the right of way on a road. Neither man recognized the other. Oedipus marries Jocasta, widow of Laius making his both wife and son t o her and father and brother to his children. Oedipus finds out about the true nature from a shepherd, finds his wife Jocasta who had hung herself, took her jewelry and smashed them into his eyes. Oedipus ends up blind and destitute and his children cursed by being the product of incest.

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Engage In Personal Development Essay

1.1 Describe the duties and responsibilities of own work role. As a Teaching Assistant my main responsibility is to create a safe, happy, positive, stimulating and multicultural learning environment in which children can be cared for. My main duties are listed below: To work as an integral member of the team, creating a safe, constructive and stimulating environment for the children. To meet the children’s individual needs, appropriate to their stage and level of development. To be involved in the setting up and clearing away at the start and end of each session as required. To be involved with the planning of activities. To support literacy and numeracy activities in the classroom. To foster children’s growth of development and self reliance, and to be involved in children’s activities with a view to supporting and extending these activities appropriately. To ensure that toys and equipment are maintained, clean and safe to play with or use. To understand and comply with the Fire Drill Practise. To attend and take part in staff and other relevant meetings. To keep a daily register, first aid box and other relevant records as required. To communicate with parents and carers in a positive, constructive manner. To make time available on a regular basis to discuss the day to day running of the setting with other members of staff. Observing pupil performance and reporting on observations to the teacher Listening to pupils read, reading to them, and telling them stories. I also feel that as an individual I am able to communicate well with children and adults and actually enjoy doing this and hopefully inject a bit of humour into work. Often I am left to decide how or what to do with children as the teacher is tied up doing other things. This means I must use my own initiative and get on with the task in hand. I am able to do this without a  problem. I realise I must always be busy and if this means straightening the books in the book corner or sharpening pencils then this is what I do. I am aware I am expected to follow all the schools policies and procedures and so I have a copy of them all and have read them all. An important policy is of course confidentiality. Everything that happens in the school must remain there – I am not to discuss children school records and background with any outsiders. I am a good listener too and feel I have a sympathetic nature however I also realise I need to be firm but fair. Boundaries are important to chil dren and must be made clear. 1.2 Explain expectation about own work role as expresses in relevant standards. Each work role has its own set of standards the expectations I was given by my class teacher included being reliable and able to build good relationships with children and parent carers, encouraging play whilst learning, and by having children’s best interests e.g. physical activities, outings, this would help them to enjoy their growth in knowledge and assist in enhancing their development as a whole. Also I was expected to work as a team with other staff members and parent/carers in order to support the children to promote the children’s initial learning so that the children could feel confident and would be able to boost up their self-esteem. I was also expected to supervise the children which meant following the Child Protection Act and health and safety policy. Children must always be watched closely to prevent and reduce the severity of injury to children. Children often challenge their own abilities but are not always able to recognise the risks involved. As a Teaching Assistant I need to supervise children and identify any risks and minimise injury. The National Occupational Standards for Teaching Assistant offers guidance on the wider aspects of competent performance. It also forms the basis for the NAPTA (National Association of Professional Teaching Assistants) Profiles, which many schools now expect their Teaching Assistants to complete. The Support Work in Schools qualifications at levels 2 and 3 are also based on the National Occupational Standards. Dfe and Ofsted are examples of other models of performance which are accessible to assistants. 2.1 Explain the importance of reflective practice in continuously improving the quality of service provided. Reflective practice is one of the tools which can be used by Early Years Professionals to fulfill their role as ‘change agent’, which is at the heart of the Early Years Professional Status (CWDC, 2008). By structured reflection on current practice the EYP can identify what change is valuable, worthwhile and improving. As part of our job role it is important to carry out reflective practice especially because we work with children/young people and our effectiveness will have an impact on them and their learning. Reflective practice means thinking about and evaluating what you do and discussing any changes which could be made. This means focusing on how we interact with colleagues, children and the environment. It means thinking about how we could have done something differently, what we did well, what we could have done better. How we can improve what we have done. It also means reflecting our own values, beliefs and experiences which shape our thoughts and ideas. This will allow us to obtain a clearer picture of our own behaviour and a better understanding of our strengths and weaknesses- so that we can learn from our own mistakes and take appropriate future actions. I am always trying to improve the quality of my performance and by using reflective practice it allows me to look objectively at my work and figure out how I can improve on it. Reflective practice allows me to support the children better and better- if I have any concerns about how the session went I can look back and work out what more I could have done. I may have used one resource and found it useful and then choose it again with another child. It helps to have something to aim for, it helps with job satisfaction. 2.2 Demonstrate the ability to reflect on practice. From experience reflection on my own practice has given me opportunities to improve greatly on the task next time. It doesn’t mean that I was â€Å"wrong† to begin with it just means that the good parts of the task can be made even better. It really is about striving to improve on what was done. I am in the fortunate position to have a mentor who is excellent at tweaking my tasks and highlighting how I could improve on them. The first day I worked as a TA I was placed in a Reception class where I was to split children into  three groups. One group went to play in the sandpit, another outside on the tricycles and the last group were sent to paint. All the children were happy and content however the painting group became bored very quickly. I soon realised I hadn’t guided the children in any way. When I suggested painting a family member suddenly their interest came back and they were intent on finishing their family portrait before venturing into the sandpit. I realised on reflection that such young children needed direction and instruction in order to maintain their attention on something. I should have done this at the outset but didn’t. This is an example of reflective practice from my very first day in a classroom. This is just one example and as a TA I can honestly say that there is more than one example a day which reinforces what an important thing reflective practice is. I fortunately work in a school that are big into reflective practice and so it isn’t difficult to approach staff if a method of teaching isn’t working well. Very often learning methods need to be tweaked for the individual also. I have often worked with a group who all but one found the task manageable. For that particular child I had to change part of my instruction in order to help with the way they were able to learn. For example one of my children finds that by moving about and learning by touching things helps him to understand concepts being taught to him. I recently changed a counting task to suit him whereby I asked him to count chair legs round a table. The others were happy working with units and an abacus. I now realise that I have developed all my learning strategies through reflective practice. 2.3 Describe how own values, belief systems and experiences may affect working practice. Reflection can be difficult when your own attitudes and beliefs may differ from others. It is important to not let your own attitudes and beliefs affect your work role and to maintain your professionalism at all times. I have tried to look at what I value and consider and how my own beliefs / experiences could affect the way I work below: Background My family structure, its culture and origin will differ from others. I have parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. I can’t imagine life as an only child. My parenting techniques and parenting I  received will differ from those around me. I may not agree with how children are punished at home however I am in no way expected to pass judgement to the children. Moral influences Two children in the class I assist in are not able to be involved in Christmas activities of any sort due to their religious beliefs. At Christmas they were unable to decorate stars and make tree decorations or join in with the nativity and Christmas meal. I sat and made different things with them and kept them entertained during rehearsals however I did feel sorry for them as both wanted to join in with their friends. It was important that I didn’t show my feelings to them though as this would of been very wrong. Other people may struggle with those who have different diet and lifestyles e.g. veganism, vegetarianism. Marriage, war, immigration and emigration are other areas people may have opinions on along with trafficking, smacking, smoking, drinking, unemployment and employment. 3.1 Evaluate own knowledge, performance and understanding against relevant standards. This is about reflecting on and evaluating honestly my own performance, and discovering ways to improve it through skills development. This requires me to identify my strengths and weaknesses and to try to find out what information and support is available to help me develop a plan covering my own personal and professional aspirations, and then put those plans into action. As I mentioned earlier, I monitor my performance regularly to make sure that it is as effective as possible. I luckily get regular and useful feedback on my performance from my class teacher. I usually log where I need to make any improvements so it is clear next time I come to do the task where to make the relevant changes. Recently due to new recommendations the school has needed to change the marking system. We now put a circle not a cross next to incorrect work. Any changes I need to be aware of for my teaching practice.

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What Clothes to Bring to College

What Clothes to Bring to College Figuring out what to bring to college is challenging enough before you even start thinking about clothes. (And, lets be honest, its especially challenging if youre a girl.) How can you decide what clothes to bring to college and what to leave at home? While your own fashion sense and clothing needs might differ a bit, there are some guidelines to consider when it comes to bringing clothes to college: Ditch Your High School Garb Dont bring anything that refers to high school or has a high school logo on it. Youll feel like a dork as soon as you realize no one wears anything that has to do  with  high school once they hit college. Bring All the Basics Definitely bring the basics to cover the following: class (jeans, t-shirts, etc.)date/dinner out with friends (guys: nice top/pants, girls: dresses/cute skirts/etc.)something niceguys: not necessarily a suit but a button-down, tie, and nice pantsgirls: little black dress for sure, but leave the prom dress at home Youll need other basics like jackets, sweaters, gym clothes, pajamas, robe (not everyone likes to walk from the bathroom to their room in a little towel), and a swimsuit. Stock Up on Underwear Bring a lot of underwear. This may sound strange, but many students only do laundry when their underwear runs out. Do you want to be doing it every week or every 2 to 3 weeks? Think Seasonally, Not Annually Think about the weather and when youll be seeing your family next. You can always bring summer/fall stuff and then do a clothes swap for winter when you come home a few weeks after classes start, over Thanksgiving  or for the holidays. If you really want to bring everything you wear but dont want to worry about bringing everything you own, focus on what youll wear over the next 6-8 weeks. At that point, you will be better able to gauge what youll want/need/have space for and possibly do a swap as the weather cools down. Pack a Just in Case Box You can always bring what youll need for the next 6 to 8 weeks but leave a just in case box back home, i.e., a box of stuff you may want but arent sure until you know how much space youll have. Then, if you end up wanting it, you can just ask your folks to ship it. You can also use that box for warmer-weather stuff that you can ship as the weather cools down. Pack Light and Save Room for New Stuff Keep in mind, too, that you should err on the side of not bringing too much instead of overdoing it. Once you get to campus, chances are youll sport for a new sweatshirt when theyre on sale in the bookstore, go shopping around town with some friends one weekend, end up with tons of t-shirts from events or clubs on campus, and even swap clothes with other people in your residence hall. Clothes have a tendency of multiplying suddenly on college campuses, so as long as you have some basics with you when you arrive you should be set.

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Charles Darwin Essays - Charles Darwin, Coleopterists, Free Essays

Charles Darwin Essays - Charles Darwin, Coleopterists, Free Essays Charles Darwin science Charles Darwin Darwin was born in February, 1809. He left the school at Shrewsbury to the University of Edinburgh to study medicine. In 1827 he dropped out of medical school and entered the University of Cambridge, intending to become a clergyman. There he met Adam Sedgwick, a geologist and John Stevens Henslow, a naturalist. Henslow not only helped build Darwin's self-confidence but also taught his student to be an observer of natural phenomena and collector of specimens. After graduating from Cambridge in 1831, the 22-year-old Darwin was taken aboard the English survey ship HMS Beagle, largely on Henslow's recommendation, as an unpaid naturalist on a scientific expedition around the world. Darwin's job as naturalist aboard the Beagle gave him the opportunity to observe the various geological formations found on different continents and islands along the way, as well as a huge variety of fossils and living organisms. In his geological observations, Darwin was most impressed with the effect that natural forces had on shaping the earth's surface. During the voyage Darwin found himself doubting that all creatures had been created individually when he found fossils closely ressembling each other. In the Galapagos Islands, off the coast of Ecuador, he also observed that each island supported its own form of certain animals; the various forms were closely related but differed in structure and eating habits from island to island. Both of his observations raised questions about the links between different species. After returning to England in 1836, Darwin began recording his ideas about changeability of species in his Notebooks on the Transmutation of Species. He wrote a theory about his findings but did not publish it. Darwin's theory was first announced in 1858 in a paper presented at the same time as one by Alfred Russel Wallace, a young naturalist who had come independently to the theory of natural selection. Darwin's complete theory was published in 1859, in On the Origin of Species. The Origin sold out on the first day of publication and after this went through six editions. His ideas were widely critized by scientists and the Church. Darwin spent the rest of his life based around his theory and arguments against it. He was honored by burial in Westminster Abbey after he died in Down, Kent, on April 19, 1882.

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Company Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words - 3

Company Law - Essay Example In the given problem, though, the place of incorporation of â€Å"Beauty Care Ltd or BCL â€Å"is not given, it is assumed that it has been incorporated in a valid jurisdiction. Hence, it is assumed that it is not a private company incorporated in Hong Kong and a company registered elsewhere, which is suitable for listing in Hong Kong. It should have a past trading record in the last three financial years and its net profit after taxes but before dividend should not be lesser than HK $ 20,00,0000 and in respect of the last two financial years, it should not be lesser than HK$ 30, 00,000. In the last three financial years, a minimum of HK$50 million should have been reported as profit. At least twenty five percent of minimum paid-up capital should be controlled by at least not less than one thousand public shareholders. It is to be observed that above mentioned minimum number of public shareholders shall exclude any employee holdings of the company. However, up to five percent holdings held by employees is permitted to comprise of the twenty-five percent public shareholding spread. By the introduction listing of securities already issued where no marketing arrangements are needed since the securities for which listing is sought are already of such an amount and so widely held that there is enough marketability. Beauty Care Limited (BCL) has to submit an application for listing its shares and it has to go through the formalities of the dual vetting and filing process by both the SFC and HKSE. However, in case if the application is made to HKSE only, then it will forward a copy to SFC. Further, HKSE will be the front-end communicator for the purpose of listing. (Soulier & Best 2005:200). Further, the listing document of an overseas issuer who wishes to have a primary listing in Hong Kong should furnish a summary of the specific regulatory statutory rules or otherwise of the overseas

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Organizations and group behavior Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Organizations and group behavior - Essay Example In accordance with the issues discussed in the paper the increase of competition in all industries has led organizations to search for strategies, which can help them to develop a competitive advantage towards their rivals. In order to identify the key elements of group behavior it should be necessary to understand primarily the characteristics of a group, as part of the organizational life. In accordance with Martin within organizations, different forms of group can be identified: a) individuals working on similar organizational activities may not constitute a group; for example, the lecture staff in the same department of a particular university may not meet or cooperate; these individuals cannot be characterized as a group, b) the sub-sections of certain organizational departments are often parts of formal organizational units and they are likely to help towards the completion of organizational tasks of low importance, c) informal groups within organizations are common for promoti ng specific organizational tasks or ideas; for instance, the case of ‘friendship groupings and task-depended networks’, d) groups related to a particular organizational project can be developed within an organization; these groups, formal or informal, are not permanent, as for example ‘a project group working on the building of a new oil refinery’, e) formal and informal groups can be developed within organizations for completed a particular organizational task; these groups are ‘transient’, as for example a formal group working on the reduction of the organization’s travel expenses by 10%.... within an organization; these groups, formal or informal, are not permanent (Martin 232), as for example ‘a project group working on the building of a new oil refinery’ (Martin 232), e) formal and informal groups can be developed within organizations for completed a particular organizational task; these groups are ‘transient’ (Martin 232), as for example a formal group working on the reduction of the organization’s travel expenses by 10% (Martin 232). The development of group activities within modern organizations has been often related to the trend of firms to imitate the strategies of their rivals (Griffin and Moorhead 2011). In the study of Griffin and Moorhead (2011) reference is made to the risks that such strategy can hide mostly because of the following fact: the use of teams for promoting organizational plans can be beneficial for organizations but the costs involved can be also significant. The case of Ampex is mentioned as an example of the benefits of team development within modern organization: in Ampex, the involvement of teams in organizational activities led to the increase of ‘online customer delivery by 98%) (Griffin and Moorhead 272). In Texas Instruments, the use of teams for developing the daily organizational tasks resulted to the reduction of organizational costs for about 50% (Griffin and Moorhead 272). Also, in Eastman, the development of teams across the organization supported the increase of organizational performance at significant levels; the productivity of the organization was increased for about 70%, a result which was directly related to the involvement of teams in all organizational projects (Griffin and Moorhead 272). In accordance with the above findings, the role of group in the development of organizational performance,

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How does Tesco maintain its lead in the online grocery market Assignment

How does Tesco maintain its lead in the online grocery market - Assignment Example Against this background, this essay seeks to critically evaluate the measures implemented by Tesco in order to maintain its lead in the online grocery market. The paper starts by outlining the historical background of the supermarket chain; this is followed by a detailed analysis of how it harnesses the use of the internet in its operations. Background information about Tesco According to Datamonitor (2004), Tesco PLC is the largest food retailer in the UK and it operates around 2,318 stores worldwide where 1,878 stores are located in the UK. The supermarket chain also operates stores in the rest of Europe and Asia and it is headquartered in Hertfordshire, the UK. The company is comprised of 367,000 employees worldwide (250,000 of them in the UK), sales of more than ?37billion and it has an estimated 30 % of the market share in the grocery industry in the UK. However, Paton (2005) suggests that Tesco now ranges far beyond food, given that it now offers services which include â€Å"b anking, flower delivery, online diets, legal advice, DVD rental and telecoms.† Tesco prides itself in training and retaining talented workers despite criticisms by other sectors of the society. Technological factors Technological development in ICT has immensely contributed to the positive growth of the organisation, especially through the use of the internet. For instance, online shopping has significantly improved the operations of the organisation given that the bulk of its customers can conduct their business in the comfort of their homes. The supermarket chain has fully harnessed the use of the internet in its online grocery market. The supermarket chain is comprised of, a wholly-owned subsidiary offering a complete online service, including and (Datamonitor, 2004). The company is also in a better position to maintain its lead in the online grocery market because it offers a range of online financial services. According to information o btained from (, ND), is regarded as the world’s biggest online supermarket and it is believed that it generates sales worth over ?577 million every year. There are different factors that contribute to the success of Tesco’s online business. Specially designed website Through the use of a specially designed website, Tesco is able to appeal to the interests of many customers as possible regardless of their geographical location. It acts as a global store whereby people from all corners of the world can make purchases online which is a great advantage for the organisation. The other reason for its success in online business is that its website has a catalogue of every product offered, which makes it relatively easier for the customers to do online shopping in the comfort of their homes without any hassle. The website is user friendly given that it is easier to navigate in search of differe nt products. Research has shown that there are more than one million households that use the company’s online services across the whole world and this is seen as a competitive advantage to the company since it is better positioned to receive more revenue from its operations (Datamonitor,

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Need for the study Essay Example for Free

Need for the study Essay Empirical studies about the impact of globalization on Belize are rare. This paper studies the economic development of Belize in the light of globalization, privatization and economic liberalization. It studies how beneficial the economy has been to the people after the opening of the economy. It perceives and looks at the performance of BTL and its role in contributing to the development of the country. Research Questions The following research questions are asked in this paper: 1. How has globalization affected the economic development of Belize? 2. How has globalization affected the welfare of its people? 3. How has globalization affected the success of the dominant telecommunications company BTL? Purpose of the Study The research methodology is the set of processes used to collect and analyze data. Research methodology is defined as a structured set of guidelines or activities to assist in generating valid and reliable research results. This part describes the research methods and procedures used to obtain and analyze data in this study. Research design reflects the structure of the research project and provides the means of collecting suitable data to answer the research questions. This paper seeks to identify the social, political, economic and cultural issues and outcomes which have emerged from globalization in Belize. It reviews the telecommunication sector of the country by looking at the reports of BTL. It studies the performance of the BTL. It highlights the achievements and failures of the company. It researches and examines the company’s services in the light of the government’s telecommunication industry. A detailed analysis is conducted about the success and failure of globalization in Belize by using studies which provide analysis on the economic performance of the country. Finally the study uses research material to examine the globalization success or failure in Belize as compared with its neighbors. The impact of telecommunications industry in the light of globalization is studied and researched extensively in the paper. Literature Review Belize is a Central American state which became independent in the early 1980s. The country has a multicultural society with various ethnic and racial groups. The country has pursued an economic policy which is dependant on free trade and foreign investment. Agriculture exports comprise the majority of the country’s exports. An estimated one hundred and eighty five American companies have invested in the country’s infrastructure and telecommunications sector. With a population of three hundred thousand people, the government continues to invest in developing the infrastructure of the country (Neuman 26, 2003). The country enjoys decent standards of living with relatively stable electrical, telephone, and water infrastructure. However major roads of the country are hampered by lack of development. Belize City and Dangriga are the important sea ports which handle shipping arriving from the United States of America. All major international airlines provide regular flights to the country. Belize has embarked upon a program of economic liberalization which includes a fifteen million dollar electricity program (Neuman 27, 2003). Estimated twenty million dollars funds have also been received from the Inter American Development Bank. This money will be used to invest in social sectors and services. Another two million dollars have been collected to invest in poverty reduction programs. Another major investment project is the Agricultural Health Project which seeks to modernize the agricultural production and distribution sector. Brazil has provided assistance for the development of soybean in the country. The aim of the government has been to diversify its agricultural exports and decrease reliance on the export of sugar cane.

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Martin Heidegger :: essays papers

Martin Heidegger Note: The main work from which text was drawn is "The Question Concerning Technology". Martin Heidegger was a German philosopher, who developed existential phenomenology and has been widely regarded as the most original 20th-century philosopher. His works include complicated essays such as "An introduction to Metaphysics" and "The Question Concerning Technology." In his essay "The Question Concerning Technology," Heidegger attempts to create several intricate arguments regarding technology and the significance of information. One prominent theme in this essay is the idea and meaning of info rmation. Heidegger presents his thoughts by searching for the roots of the ideas behind information. He includes many references to German, Greek and Latin vocabulary to better explain his ideas. In order to fully understand the meaning and significance of informa tion, one must be educated as to the accurate definitions of some basic vocabulary regarding information. The first word that is significant to the idea of information that Heidegger explains to the reader is "episteme." Episteme in basic translation can be defined as "knowledge." "(Episteme is a term). for knowing in the widest sense. (it) means to be entirely at home with something, to understand and be expert in it. Such knowing provides an opening up. As an opening it up it is a revealing." This leads to the next expression, "alethia." Alethia is used by Heidegger the same way it was defined by the ancient Greeks; "revealing." This same word is translated by the Romans to "veritas." Again, "veritas" in English is used to mean "truth" which can be unde rstood as "correctness and representation." It is in this change, due to translation of ideas, that Heidegger notices some inconsistencies. Information is an often misused term in Heidegger's opinion. As previously noted, the translation from one language to another can often turn true definitions of words askew, and this can cause serious problems with larger concepts of technology and an id ea of "enframing" (gestell). Gestell is a German word whose direct translation means "enframing." The idea of enframing is also quite prevalent in this essay. "We now name that challenging claim which gathers man thither to order the self-revealing as standing-reserve: "ge-stell" (enframing). We dare to use this word in a sense that has been thoroughly unfamiliar up to now. According to ordinary usage, the word Gestell (frame) means some kind of apparatus, e.g., a bookrack. Gestell is also the name for a skeleton. And the employment of the word Gestell(enframing) that is now required of us seems equally eerie, not to speak of the arbitrariness with which words of a mature language are so

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Problems in Baltimore

Baltimore is a port city that is filled with many popular tourist attractions such as its museums, aquarium, and sports teams. It is also a city that has been on the decline for many years. The crime, drugs, and unemployment levels have all risen over the past two decades. Back in the Baltimore heyday, it was a booming city with high levels of port traffic. Today however, the ports are not seeing as much activity as before and that has led to an increase in unemployment and crime. Could Baltimore be on the same path Camden, NJ was on: booming port overtaken by crime and drugs? The television series â€Å"The Wire†Ã¢â‚¬  was based in and on Baltimore. Created and written by a former journalist for the The Baltimore Sun, David Simon, each season focuses on a different facet of the city: the illegal drug trade, the sea port system, the city government and bureaucracy, the school system, and the print news media. The show tried to create a realistic vision of an American city through truthful characters. There are good cops portrayed in the show, however many of the officers are incompetent, show excessive force, and are portrayed as having human qualities. Some residents and city officials credit the series for increased scrutiny by the media on its government, education system, drug problem, and crime. It did shed light on the illicit drug use in the city and its effects on the lower class's ability to grow in the fields of education and organization. In 2011, the U. S. Census Bureau reported that Baltimore County, MD had a population consisting of 65. 4% white and 26. 8% black/African American residents. The median household income in Baltimore County is $63,959. Broken down further, minority median income is $31,400 versus $57,048 for white/caucasian residents. Across the country, taxes and costs of goods and services is on the rise. It is very difficult for a family of four to live on $31,000 a year without public housing assistance and welfare programs. The poverty statistics are very interesting. According to the census data, 28% of Baltimore families with children under the age of 18 are living below the poverty level. That number increases to 40. % for female-headed families with no father present. The blame for poverty is an age-old question which usually produces the same answers: high taxes, barriers to occupational entry, and other economic factors. When you factor choice into the equation, the numbers change significantly. The poverty rate diminishes greatly for households that choose to marry and have children later in life, obtain a higher education, and stay of out jail. The poverty rate for married households with children under the age of 18 is 7. 4%. The answer seems simple: obtain higher education and marry later in life. Cecelia Elena Rouse, an economist and Dean of the Woodrow WilsonSchool of Public and International affairs at Princeton University, conducted focus groups in Baltimore City, MD. She was looking at income expectations to determine if there was a correlation between expected income and college attendance. The sample consisted of low-income minority high school seniors. She found that income expectations of low-income minority students are not so different from higher-income students. Low-income students are less able to turn their college plans into college attendance (Rouse 1314). The Maryland State Department of Education has reported that starting in 2007, city schools were beginning to show progress in its school reform effort; graduation rates were rising while dropout rates were decreasing. While progress has been made, more work and focus needs to be done in the Baltimore education system. The non-attendance rate has been recognized as a problem among low income students. Poor students are four times more likely to be chronically absent than their peers. Problems standing in the way of good school attendance include inadequate transportation, unstable housing, lack of health care, high incidence of chronic illness, and poor nutrition and safety concerns (Chang 7). Baltimore is one of three cities that have attempted to address the issue of absenteeism. The school districts and the community have partnered in building a culture of attendance. Strategic grants and investments have helped to make this possible. Franklin Square Elementary and Middle School is a successful model in Baltimore. Approximately 91% of its students receive free or reduced cost lunches and the class sizes are large, often 40 or more students in a class. Despite that, the school has one of the highest attendance rates in the city. There is an outreach program that holds students accountable and creates an environment of wanting to go to school. The school provides clean uniforms, dental care, after school activities, and free haircuts to help boost attendance (Chang 9). The question that needs to be answered is can the high school culture in Baltimore continue to cultivate this safe, nurturing environment such as the one created at the Franklin School. Upper elementary and high school students offer new problems that need to be addressed; teen pregnancy, drug use, and gangs being three that stand out the most. In the early 1990's, a study was completed in Baltimore that focused on teen mothers. It started in the late 1960's and followed two hundred fifty teenage mothers who gave birth during that time. In 1988, the first born of the teenage mothers were in their teen years and the sample statistics showed 37% had dropped out of school, 46% had completed high school, and 17% went on to higher education. This study concluded there was a direct correlation to the number of years the father was present, high maternal education aspirations, few years on welfare, high preschool cognitive ability, attendance in preschool, and no grade failure in elementary school and continued education beyond high school (Brooks-Gunn 278). In its fourth season, â€Å"The Wire†Ã¢â‚¬  focused on the education system in Baltimore. A first year middle school math teacher, who was a former police detective, struggles to connect with his students. Many of these students were schooled in drug dealing and gang activities. He came to the realization that in order to get them to learn, he had to trick them into learning. The fourth season of â€Å"The Wire † focused on the social conditions that cripple the Baltimore education system: fragmented families, declining neighborhoods with few legitimate jobs, indifferent city leaders, and a lack of educational resources. Even the students who want to learn face enormous obstacles, one of the biggest being the Baltimore education system compared to others in the country, is far behind. â€Å"The Wire † portrayed the problems plaguing the students and teachers. It is a pattern that will continue to be repeated generation after generation until the city, state, and federal governments make a commitment to rebuild it. According to the FBI crime statistics released in 2011, Baltimore is the fifth deadliest city in the country and the seventh most dangerous in overall violent crime despite its lowest homicide rate since the 1980's. It has taken decades of poverty, disinvestment in the community, and a general sense of hopelessness for Baltimore to become known as such a violent city. Arresting and prosecuting criminals is a crucial step in combating crime, however reinvestment into the community by federal, state, and local governments is also needed to turn the city into a safe, prosperous environment. There is a long-standing theory that suggests that teens are more likely to use heroin, crack, and/or cocaine if they have first used alcohol or marijuana, the latter which is preceded by alcohol and tobacco. In a study that was conducted in Baltimore, the median age for first drug use (alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana) was 14 years of ago and first heroin, crack, and cocaine use was 17 years of age (Curry 441). Parental drug use was a determining factor in predicting childhood drug users and also peer influence (Curry 442). There needs to be continued focus on educating and rehabilitating the young drug users before they begin exploring with injection drug use. The Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance was launched in 2002 to establish a way of understanding the changing neighborhoods and quality of life within the city. Forty outcome indicators were developed in order to measure progress and to hold the city leadership accountable (Bembry 97). A study was conducted comparing five US cities, Baltimore being one of them, and the effects of federal spending on the cities over time. Two â€Å"health checks † were taken, six years apart and looked at hardship factors: poverty, unemployment, dependency, housing built before 1939, percentage without a high school diploma, and the crime rate (Parker 1844). In each city, there was significant progress over the span of six years which show that federal spending, or any spending at the federal, state, and/or local levels, can help revitalize the community. In tough economic times, there is more need for government funds to help the community as unemployment rates are high. High unemployment creates desperation which spurs crime. According to the Census Bureau, in 2011 one in four Baltimore residents lives in poverty leaving more than 37% of Baltimore's children live in poverty. Being born into poverty is a good marker for being poor throughout life and creates an entire host of problems: high school dropouts, high crime rates, high poverty rates. Similar to various historical periods in history, being born into poverty creates a high predisposition for remaining in poverty. Federal, state, and local programs have created positive change and effects in cities like Baltimore where crime and poverty are some of the highest in the country. However during difficult economic times, government spending is difficult to procure and if it is being spent incorrectly or ineffectually it is not reaching as many people as it could. Rebuilding a city that has been mired in poverty is a difficult task with high costs. History shows us that initiating change while children are young and reinforcing that change can foster growth within a community. In Baltimore, urban planners are striving to rebuild communities with a mix of lower and middle income families. They feel this will improve the chances of residents maintaining their homes, patronizing local business, going on to post high school education, and keeping their neighborhoods safe. Despite ominous statistics, Baltimore has shown some improvement through programs implemented by the government. A dedication by leaders and the community will be key in the rebuilding of Baltimore.

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Family Essay

1. Describe 5 different types of familiesA family is a group of people living in a household together either by reason of marriage, blood relation or adoption. Families are the reason for creating today’s society. This is because in a family, people are created and brought into the world, cared for, and given the correct tools to survive in life.There are five different types of families, which are as follows:I. Nuclear Family: The nuclear family is a family that consists of a mother, father, and their child/children. In most cases, the parents in a nuclear family are married. An alternative name for a nuclear family is an elementary family.II. Extended Family: The extended family expands wider than the nuclear family. This is because it consists of grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins living either nearby or in the same household.III. Single Parent: A single parent is when a parent lives without their spouse, leaving them with most of the responsibilities to raise the chi ld/children on their own. A single parent is usually considered the primary person who takes care of the child. In some cases due to divorces or separation, the child lives with their primary parent, but is given the privileges of visiting the residence of their noncustodial parent, meaning the parent who does not have complete custody over their child. In this case, the noncustodial parent is most likely to be the father of the child. Single parenting has been caused by many reasons in today’s society, which include:Death of a partner.Child abuse.Neglect.Divorce.Adoption, when the adoptive parent does not have a partner/spouse.IV. Blended Family: A blended family or sometimes called a â€Å"step family† is a relationship when both spouses have been married before and have remarried again, which sometimes lead to a child being brought into the marriage from the past relationship.V. Foster Family: Foster means to help someone grow  and develop. A foster family is two adults that take care of one or more children that belong to other parents. This action is usually called adoption.2. What are the rights and responsibilities of family members?A right is something that people are entitled to. A responsibility is the opportunity to work independently and make your own decisions without being told what to do. Being a part of a family imposes rights and responsibilities on each family member that must be taken seriously. The overall rights and responsibilities of family members are essentially to look after the house and to take care of each other. The responsibilities of the parents are very critical.This is because a parent is supposed to feed, clothe, shelter, educate and provide a safe and comfortable living environment for their child/children. The rights of parents are to interact with their souls mates especially through tough times when they need someone to talk to. Overall, parents should provide companionship for each other. Similarly, child ren also have responsibilities, which include performing the chores that their parents give them to do.These chores can include cleaning, assisting with cooking and looking after younger siblings or other family members. Children also have the responsibility to be respectful and obedient to their parents. The right of a child is to be able to request some things that can be valuable to them from their parents. Perhaps most importantly, the joint responsibilities and rights of all family members are to ensure that the home is a safe and loving environment.3. How does social pressure affect the family?Social Pressures are the combined pressures that surround individuals during everyday life. Examples of social pressure are Peer Pressure, and Academic Pressures. Social Pressures can be confusing and stressful. Despite the strain, these are common pressures that families are normally faced with, especially in the teenaged life. Social pressure affects the family because if not properly managed, it can cause family members to make poor choices, which can lead to the family breaking apart, someone being taken away from the family, or in a worst case scenario, death.Social pressure with the big impact of it, sometimes lead family members into taking drugs trying to relieve their stress. Social pressure can lead up to death in various occasions. This reason is caused mostly because of the pressure that is placed on an individual, forcing them into taking dangerous medication or hanging themselves which leads to death. Many people turn to drugs or alcohol to relieve themselves from pressure. Other social pressure that people are affected by is unemployment or a general lack of finances.In this case it can force a family member to start stealing and committing robbery in attempt to provide for their family members. This can affect the family because it usually leads to person being remanded to prison for several years. Imprisonment of a parent automatically causes the d ynahousehold to become a single parent family and When it comes to the family members trying to fix their problems with alcohol or drugs, this can normally lead up to addictions.In reference from pastor Philip Stubs, he states that social pressure affects a family unit primarily by way of supplanting the family time that is essential for the nature of the family unit. The competition with the family time, from various social events, projects or circumstances results in individual family members opting to reduce their involvement with their family and instead investing their time, money, and emotional energy in societal events, resulting the family unit being weekend. †4. Divorce has been one of the causes of the change in the Bahamian family Structure. Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons to support you answer.Before answering this question it is first and most important that we understand what is divorce. â€Å"Therefore what God has joined together, let no man separate. à ¢â‚¬ (Mark 10:4) â€Å"Now to the married, yet not I but the Lord: A wife is not to depart from her husband. But even if she does depart, let her remain unmarried or be reconciled to her husband. And a husband is not to divorce his wife. † (1 Corinthians 7:10-11). In the â€Å"Oxford Student’s Dictionary,† a divorce is the legal ending of a marriage. An online dictionary, â€Å"Datasegment.  com,† refers to a divorce as a legal dissolution of a marriage contract by a court or other body having competent authority.I agree, divorce has been one of the causes of the change in the Bahamian family structure. I then questioned Pastor Stubs on his view of the question. Pastor stubs agreed as well, he stated that â€Å"Of course the Bahamian family structure has also been defined by single parents who have never been married. While many single parents continue to lead excellent households, the best model for a family is the one in which a married man and woma n work together as a team and lead the household and family.I then questioned pastors from my church, Abundant Life Church where Pastor O’Neil Russel along with Pastor Gil. gave their view about the question. They too agreed with the statement. The pastors said that â€Å" Indeed, divorce has been one of the major causes of the change in the Bahamian family structure. As a nation, the Bahamas has been founded upon biblical principles. The biblical model for the family is for a husband and wife to be living together in a godly marriage which, as a result, produces children which ought to be brought up in the fear and admonition of the Lord.However, when a divorce occurs there is a disorting of what the family structure ought to look like. The structure is different when a husband and wife are not living together and this structure produces problems in the homes with the children as well as with society as a whole. In the Bahamas, there have been many divorces and as a result the basic family structure is deficient in function and effectiveness when it comes to our society.5. To what extent does the change in the Bahamian family structure lead to the many social problems in our society todayIt is very important to understand first that every family makes up today’s society. The change in the Bahamian family structure is highly responsible for the many social ill in our country say’s pastor Gil. This is especially the case when it comes to young men. Most of the social problems in our society are being committed by young men. These young men do not have any sense of identity, direction, or purpose in life.When the young men decide to take part in criminal activity, it always ends up in to a family losing a loved one. In the Bahamian society today, many residents complain about the men who are doing the crime not being brought up properly in their homes. The reason being for that problem is because of the fact that there is no father figure i n the hose hold. This is the job for their fathers. When a father does not live up to his responsibility in the lives of his children, he causes problems with their identity.They are not given the discipline, love, acceptance, and direction that God has designated the father to introduce to them and thus they turn to other vices or persons to the detriment of their lives. The intake of this question from Rev. Philip Stubbs was very straight forward to the question too as well. Rev. Stubbs said that â€Å" In our society the family is the most foundational unit. It is through the family that persons are socialize, that is to learn social skills so that they might be properly prepared to function well in society.The sad diminished familial situation had directly resulted in many social problems in our society. These problems include low academic performance, violation of the nation’s laws, low levels of ambition and long term planning amongst young people. † In my opinio n, the social problems are mainly because of how some parents are raising their children. Inside the homes, some parents may not take time to spend with their children, show no kinds of love towards them, treat the aggressively and with all of this being done can lead to the child being a pest to the Bahamian society.6. How do you think the family can help to combat the social problems of today?The family can help to combat social problems today by being responsible enough to raise their children properly. Parents should pay close attention to the problems that are going on today and realize that because of the poor teachings about being a good citizen are leading to the many problems today. Pastor Gil says that â€Å" the family can help to combat the social problems of today by seeking to remain together as husband and wife while raising godly children in the fear and admonition of God. The parents are to be an example to the children of godliness and they should as a result foll ow their example.When more families decide to take on this purpose, the social problems of today will be decreased over time. Wanting to know more on what someone else thought we could do to combat social problems, I again question Rev. Stubbs on his point of view. He said that â€Å"Socialization through transference of excellent values like self- respect, respect for others, respect for law and order, promotion of Christina spirituality, promotion of education and industry are key ways Bahamian families can help to combat social problems in the Bahamas.7. Assess the role the church plays in creating a good familyBefore we can answer the question, we must first understand what is a church. A church is said to be a place that we can go and give thanks and praise to the almighty God. We can also go to the church for weddings, funerals, help with funds, and family crisis. The church plays a very big role in creating a good family. Pastor Gil says that â€Å" the church plays a funda mental role in creating a good family.The church is the pillar , ground of truth and the place where the family ought to go to receive biblical preaching and instructions that will help them to grow together into becoming a family that is pleasing to the Lord. It will train fathers to lead, wives to submit to the husbands in the Lord, and for children to obey their parents. The church is important because the teaching of God’s Word will help the family to be what it ought to become in the sight of God so that it will be functioning and the possibility of it producing social problems is decreased.