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KSAO or Knowledge, Abilities, Skills, and Other Characteristics Essay

What does KSAO stand for with respect to training? Give one example for each letter in your explanation for the job of Professor of Human Resource Management. (Points : 35) KSAO or Knowledge, Abilities, Skills, and Other Characteristics (KSAO) tests are metrics used either during training or hiring processes to evaluate applicants and trainees. The KSAO will typically measure several areas of competency and will use a weighted metric for analysis. The following examples are what one might see in the explanation of the job of Professor of Human Resource Management. Knowledge- A degree of a PhD or higher in Human Resource Management would be a requirement in this area. Knowledge in a KSAO is typically measured in degrees of higher education and experience in the field in question. Skills- Typically, skills are measured by performance of competency tests. For instance, a Professor would need leadership skills and test could be devised that would test the leadership of the candidate. There are a variety of skills that may need to be tested for this position and each type of training would need to be customized for the competency in question, e.g., leadership, organization, management, etc†¦ Abilities- This area of the KSAO is typically measured by performance and the measure of one’s ability. The measure of competency will be based on answers derived from a position analysis questionnaire and or a management position description questionnaire (MPDQ). The position analysis questionnaire (PAQ) is organized into six areas of competency based on the job analysis formula for management positions in human resources: (1) information input (2) mental processes (3) work output (physical activities and tools) (4) relationships with others (5) job context (the physical and social environment) (6) other job characteristics (such as pace and structure) (PAQ, 2013) Using these metrics provide a clear view of the person’s abilities as required by the field of Professor of Human Resource Management. The concern with using KSAO in this manner is that competency modeling must be focused on the means of accomplishing tasks and duties rather than on what is accomplished or specific ways in which tasks or duties are accomplished  (Bernardin, 2007). For this reason there must be a high level of consensus concerning the definition of competencies for the Professor of Human Resource Management. This can be a problematic area for measuring competencies because there is a great deal of crossover between the competencies necessary to perform a job and the particular traits or characteristics of the applicant (Bernardin, 2007). For this reason, KSAO must remain focused on the occupation. References Bernardin, H.J. Human Resource Management, Fourth Edition, McGraw Hill, 2007 PAQ. (2013). job analysis questionnaire. Retrieved from 2. (TCOs 2, 8). Explain the basic steps to conducting a person analysis and how a person analysis is used in a needs assessment. Do a very basic person analysis on either yourself or on your professor, based on the job you or he or she is currently employed in (and your common knowledge). (Points : 40) The process for a person analysis involves examining the factors that influence performance and learning. These factors are inclusive of the person’s characteristics: knowledge, skill, ability, and attitudes. These characteristics are typically measured through KSAO or Knowledge, Abilities, Skills, and Other Characteristics tests. These tests measure the basic skills that a person needs to perform their occupation. The KSAO works cohesively with the needs assessment. The basic steps involved in a person analysis include Input- the information or instructions that relate what employees need to know in order to perform their jobs. This area also includes the resources available to employees that help them perform their jobs. For example, my job with the government requires that I understand customer service policies which are outlined clearly in my service handbook. However, I often lack the ability to answer enough customer service questions due to the lack of information provided for answering certain questions. Output- this area refers to the job’s performance standards. At my job, we are expected to answer questions for customers and not to place them on hold for extended periods of time. All calls are measured by the standard of hold times which is expected to be less than 45 seconds. However, this metric is often failed by employees due to lack of information provided to service operators. Consequences- This area refers to the types  of incentives that employees receive for performing well and also what they will not receive. For instance, at my job when callers are placed on hold for longer than 45 seconds, this action diminishes the ability of workers to receive bonuses at the end of the year. Feedback- This area refers to the ongoing information that employees receive in the performance of their jobs. At my job, we receive feed back, letting us know that we exceeded the standards for call wait times or if we have not met this standard. Feedback also goes back to the management in that they become aware of the situations. Through the steps in this analysis a need assessment can be constructed. In my situation, since I am not lacking in specific skills tested in the KSAO then I am in need of other tools to perform my job more efficiently. In this instance, there is a need for a greater access to information in order to meet the standards of the job. 3. (TCOs 3, 8). First, provide the meaning of the acronym SMART with respect to training goals. Then, consider these four training objectives. Rewrite them as two SMART training goals. a) The use of the software and documentation for better management tools to utilize with the system. b) The trainee will be able to explain the flow of data to other systems and begin to understand the administrative time spent on corrections. c) A better understanding by the trainees of the deadlines and the expectations involved in those deadlines. d) The trainee will learn some effective time management shortcuts and will understand the guidelines in using those shortcuts. (Points : 40) Using SMART (Specific, Measurable, Agreed to, Realistic an d Time phased) as the basis for training goals, a training program is designed to create training outcomes in which the goals are specific or focused (not too broad), measurable (comparable with standards set), agreed to (all members of the organization including the trainee recognize the importance of the training), realistic (the standards for measuring training are achievable), and time phased (training has a beginning and end which provides that the trainee has accomplished the training.) The SMART method can be seen in the following examples: A) The use of the software and documentation for better management tools to utilize with the system. SMART (specific): Trainees need to learn to use the computer software in order to provide more accurate information for decision making. SMART (time phased) The training for this computer learning will begin in April and end in June.  b) The trainee will be able to explain the flow of data to other systems and begin to understand the administrative time spent on corrections. SMART (Measurable) trainees will complete a skills assessment at the end of the training which will reflect their ability to explain the flow of data to other systems. SMART (Realistic) The process of implementation will be ongoing even after training is completed this will help develop the understanding of the administrative time spent on corrections c) A better understanding by the trainees of the deadlines and the expectations involved in those deadlines . SMART (Measurable) Trainees will need to take an assessment that shows they have developed and understanding of the deadline process. (Agreed to) This test will also measure the trainees understanding of the importance of meeting deadlines through this process. d) The trainee will learn some effective time management shortcuts and will understand the guidelines in using those shortcuts. SMART (Specific) Trainees will need to learn effective time management skills and the 12 shortcuts and guidelines for using those shortcuts. SMART (Measurable) Each trainee will be tested at the end of their training and will need to show that they can utilize these shortcuts within the guidelines stated. 4. (TCO 4, 5, 6) You are a training manager for a midsized corporation. You are working on a training proposal for your HR director when you get a call from the manager of the accounting department. He states that he needs training done for his team, which will assist it in learning the newest version of the Peachtree accounting software. He mentions that his boss, the CFO, told him to put together a proposal for training that incl uded a way to measure transfer of training. He is panicked and says, â€Å"First of all, I don’t know what transfer of training is, and second, how can I measure it?† What will you tell him? (Points : 40) I would explain to the manager that Transfer of training is a concept which is defined as the use of knowledge or abilities that were acquired in one area being useful in other areas of problem solving or occupation. For instance, trainees who are learning the new software from Peachtree will also be able to learn other aspects of accounting during this process. These skills are directly transferrable to other occupations within the accounting department. In order to measure transfer of training, job descriptions will need to be assessed for overlaps in skills and knowledge requirements. For instance, some working in payroll will undoubtedly need to  understand tax requirements which are transferrable to jobs working in tax areas. Once the overlaps are found training can be assessed to see how much knowledge is transferrable between jobs. This information can be used to strategically design training programs that maximize time and cost. 5. (TCO 7) Explain one similarity and one difference between training and performance management and between training and succession planning. Does training have a part of either performance management or succession planning? If so, give one example each. If not, explain why not. (Points : 40) Succession planning, performance management, and training are all similarly related in that they are proactive in their efforts to create a pool of highly qualified and talented personnel. Training attempts to increase the ability of personnel while performance management governs what is needed from training in order to bolster the ability of personnel to perform their jobs, e.g., compensation, knowledge, resources, etc†¦ Succession planning uses performance management and training assessments in order to determine which employees will be the best fit for taking over management positions. However, there is a difference between these management systems in that they are focused on accomplishing independent goals. Training seeks to make employees better at their jobs while performance management measures their ability to assess where changes might be needed. Succession planning is goal oriented in finding the best candidates for future positions but not in the process of training or measuring them in their current positions. For example: training a customer service representative is focused on making the representative the best that he or she can be in that position. The performance of the customer service representative is measure through metrics to determine if the individual is performing adequately and if not what areas are deficient. This metric can be used to make a needs assessment and determine what the person needs to perform better, i.e., more training. The succession planning will use data from training metrics and from performance management in order to determine if the person is the right candidate for a customer supervisor position.

An Inconvenient Truth: People Who Questioned Al Gore’s Motive Essay

Many people questioned Al Gore’s motives for making the documentary An Inconvenient Truth. They wondered whether he created it because he truly cared about the effects global warming would have on the earth or if he just wanted to make himself seem like a better presidential candidate than his opponents. Throughout the documentary Gore presented many facts and statistics that supported his concern, which created the logos for his argument. He also treated the documentary as more of a lecture or presentation for his audience which gave him the credibility that he needed to create the ethos throughout the film. Finally, he used his own personal experiences to appeal to the audience’s feelings and emotions, creating the pathos. In An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore wants to reach a large audience, particularly nonscientists, to stress the urgency in responding to global warming. Gore uses multiple examples of logos throughout his documentary when sharing statistics and facts that he came upon. One way he presented these facts was with graphs that showed the increase in temperature over the years due to the carbon dioxide levels in the air. The graphs showed a dramatic increase in the levels from previous years which were frightening to see. Knowing the actual levels and how fast they changed made the audience see how dangerous this problem could become if we keep ignoring the issue of global warming. Another way that Gore portrayed logos was through photos of the earth and how it has changed over the years due to global warming. The photos gave a visual example to the audience of how extreme the effects are.

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High School Dropouts Essay

It’s been known for years that young people who do not earn a high school diploma face many more problems later in life than people who graduate. Dropouts are more likely to be unemployed, have poor health, live in poverty, be on public assistance, and be single parents. It all began in the 1960’s when students started to drop out due to the racial discriminations and gang violence. . High school drop outs have been a very serious problem in the United States. Here in this essay I will clarify how high school dropouts is a problem that should be solved. High school dropouts have been a continuous matter for many generations. Pregnancy, poor grades, truancy, low income, and bad behavior are the main causes of dropouts. Which leads for young people to more likely to unemployed, live in poverty and be depending on the help of the government. Approximately 7,000 high school students drop out every school day, which translates to one in three students. Once students make the decision to drop out, they lack the tools to compete in today’s society and diminish their chances for greater success in the future. Many years of failure and frustration can also lead for a person to dropout. The loss of motivation, source of support and encouragement lead students to not believe in them selves and only find the solution to drop out. Now in days, there are many options for high school dropouts. The government offers students to enroll themselves in vocational and trade school or non traditional schools. Which allow students to finish the rest of their credits or receive there GED. Vocational schools allow for students to study the field in which they are interested in. This is an effective option as most students that drop out struggle with some classes, but excel in a class that they enjoy. Of course the best solution is for students to stay in school, but if a student is going to drop out there are options to help him or her get the education and experiences to help him or her to succeed. There is defiantly many advantages in these programs. Dropouts have the opportunity at a second chance to be successful. The only disadvantage there can possibly be only relies on the individual. The person is the only responsible one and it is up to them if they truly want to commit themselves to an education. If the person does not commit themselves they will only loose the chance and go back to the possibility of being unemployed or getting paid minimum wage for the rest of there life. It is important for young people to take school seriously in order to prevent a very unfortunate future. In my opinion I think that the best solution is to stay in school. It will prevent people from having to deal with unemployment and poverty. Staying school will allow students to achieve there goals and most of all make others feel proud of you as well. High school can defiantly open many doors only if he or she is committed to their education and motivated. It is time for people to make a difference and speak to future generations regarding there education. Preventing dropouts can certainly change the world in the future.

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Managerial Economics class dicussion wk7 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Managerial Economics class dicussion wk7 - Essay Example Substitute goods such as barter and margarine derive the same satisfaction to a consumer and they have a high elasticity of demand in that when the price of one increases consumers will purchase the substitute hence reducing its demand. Before changing the price of such substitutes a manager should ensure that he adds value to the product in order to increase the good’s utility as compared to the substitutes. You can also consider increasing the products awareness through advertising. Cross elasticity of demand is the proportionate change in the demand of a commodity as a result of the change in the price of another commodity. Substitute goods such as cereals offer the same satisfaction to a consumer and they have a high cross elasticity of demand because when the price of one increases the demand for the other substitute product increases due to a relatively low price Krugman et al, 2010. Such substitute cereals include maize and rice. If a manager wants to reduce the cross elasticity of demand of his products he can still consider adding value to the product so that its competitive advantage is increased. High quality products should also be offered so that the customer loyalty is increased. A good will have a high income elasticity of demand if a change in its price affects the consumer’s purchasing power. A luxurious good such as a car will have a high income elasticity of demand if there is a change in the income of a consumer. If the consumer’s income reduces he will no longer be able to purchase the product hence reducing its demand by a unit. A manager can consider coming up with purchasing plans such as purchasing the goods in instalments so that they can still remain affordable to the

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Effects of Smoking on the Human Body Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Effects of Smoking on the Human Body - Essay Example Once inhaled, carbon monoxide reaches the blood stream through the lungs and alveoli, it binds to the hemoglobin portion of the red blood cells, forming a stable compound called carboxyhaemoglobin (COHb). The stability of the compound is due to the fact that hemoglobin has a 200–250 times higher affinity for carbon monoxide than it has for oxygen. Thus, the oxygen-carrying capacity of the hemoglobin is reduced, limiting oxygen supply to cells and tissues. The diseases caused by limited oxygen in the blood include cardiovascular disease, stroke, and circulatory problems. Tar on the other hand, accumulates in the lung, causing the inflammation of the mucous membrane of the bronchi, the trachea, and the bronchioles, damages the lungs, reduces the size of the airway. Smoke thus interferes with the functioning of the respiratory system and causes chronic bronchitis and persistent cough. Tar also damages the cilia on the upper portions of the respiratory system and increases phlegm production. Finally, the chemicals in smoke damage the lungs, reduce lung surface area and affect the alveoli’s’ functionality. Lung cancer, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), mouth and throat cancer, and increased asthma symptoms are the other respiratory effects of smoking (National Cancer Institute, 2008). ... One of the mechanisms by which smoking leads to elevated CO2 levels in the blood is that the harmful chemicals in the smoke damages the alveoli of the lungs. This damage implies that the CO2 formed in other parts of the body and transported to the lungs for elimination is not efficiently eliminated at the alveoli surfaces, leading to increased levels of CO2 in the blood. How Smoking Affects other Organ Systems Besides the respiratory system, smoking affects other organ systems such as the circulatory system. In this system, smoking causes the blood clotting, blockages and narrowing of blood vessels, increased risks of strokes and heart attacks, increased blood pressure, palpitations. These conditions cause various infections that might require procedures such as amputation. The nervous system and the brain are also affected by tobacco smoking, which decreases oxygen supply to the brain as hemoglobin combines with carbon monoxide. The normal functioning of the CNS is affected as delic ate nerve endings are damages and blood supply interfered with (The New York Times, 2002). Additionally, smoking causes attention deficit and memory problems. The immune system is also affected by the tobacco toxins that enter the body via smoking so that the functioning of the white blood cells is impaired. Thus, the body becomes vulnerable to infections. The reproductive system is also not spared by smoking, which may cause erectile dysfunction, impotency, sterility, menopause, and low weight births. Correlating Cellular Respiration with the Respiratory System The correlation between cellular respiration and the respiratory system is rather clear. For instance, minus cellular respiration in the lungs,

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Racial definition Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Racial definition - Essay Example Biologically race can be human groupings with physical differences. But if such differences trigger preconceived notions about certain groupings then this is racial ideology. This defines the social concept of race. According to them race is "a pre-eminently sociohistorical concept. Racial categories and the meaning of race.. have varied tremendously over time and between different societies." (Omi, Michael and Winant, Howard. Page 287) Race today is "assumed to be a variable which is shaped by broader societal forces." The concept varies from society to society. 'Blacks' in the contemporary British politics refer to all non-whites. In the United States 'havin' a little Negra blood' makes one non-white. Biological definition and social concept of race do make a lot of difference. Omi and Winant distinguish them as "natural" and "common sense." Having a particular skin tone or hair is one's racial identity, but branding him or her as black or Hispianic or white is racial ideology.

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Intellectual property Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Intellectual property - Essay Example ecognizes the intellectual property right and offer protection in order to nurture creativity by ensuring the owner is in full control of who uses that property and enables the owner to charge other users in order to raise income.2 In the case of Rihanna against Topshop, the plaintiff raised the issue of passing off since there was legal protection for the images. The study explores how justice Birss approached the case and what led him into a conclusion that the plaintiff had a legal claim against Topshop, and examine the appeal process as well as merits for the appeal. The defendant was given a chance to petition for an appeal either against the charges or against prohibition of sale of the merchandise. In Robyn Rihanna Fenty and others v Arcadia Group Brands Ltd (t/a Topshop) and another [2013] EWHC 2310 (Ch), the case was about Robyn Rihanna Fenty (â€Å"Rihanna†) and Arcardia Group Brands Ltd (â€Å"Topshop†) the world renown pop star and fashion dealer respectively. The defendant started producing and selling t–shirts with plaintiff’s image on it. The defendant had obtained permission to use the image on the t-shirts from an independent photographer, but they did not obtain permission from the plaintiff. The independent photographer had taken those photos with the permission of the plaintiff in one of the Plaintiff’s video shooting for single from her â€Å"Talk That Talk album.† Rihanna sued the Topshop against passing off for using her image to market their products without her permission. The claim in her legal suit against the defendant was that the conduct of the defendant was an infringement of plaintiff’s rights.3 In the p assing of judgement, the plaintiff had the onus to prove that she had public goodwill, the defendant’s conduct portrayed misrepresentation and that the plaintiff suffered some loss as a result of defendant’s conducts according to the ruling in the case Reckitt & Colman Ltd v Borden Inc [1990] 1 All E.R. 873. The laws

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(Context) large international contracting company from a country where Essay

(Context) large international contracting company from a country where there was little or no recession trying to enter the European market - Essay Example Their objective is to tap into UK’s know-how in the industry so as to improve on their competitiveness. This follows its reputation for technology in construction services, including technological advancement, such as the Building Information Modelling, BIM and architectural endowment (BIS 2013). Further to this, the number of graduates in the construction industry keeps growing, an indication of greater opportunities for growth in the future. However, the UK still grapples with trade deficit in the construction industry. BIS (2013) observe that in 2012, it had a trade deficit amounting to about  £6.2 billion. It has been noted that a small portion of UK construction contractors are exporters as compared to the other sectors of the economy. Specifically, the 2012 statistics show that only about 6% of construction SMEs engaged in export trade. It was observed that a majority of these constructors lacked the knowledge of exports in construction, thus the trade deficit. Moreover, UK contractors still face the challenge of having to deal with financial institutions which still perceive the construction industry as risky. This hinders them from accessing the requisite financial services. Therefore, the UK is well placed to benefit from the myriad opportunities it has in the construction industry but has to input greater effort to curb its challenges. Department for Business and Innovation Skills 2013, UK construction: an economic analysis of the sector, viewed 22 March 204,

Article Review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 30

Article Review - Essay Example The six styles of leadership have a quantitative effect on every climatic aspect. In a nutshell, the coercive leaders tends to demand immediate compliance, authoritative leaders mobilizes the workers towards the company’s objective, affiliative leaders creates that harmony and comes up with an emotional bond, democratic leaders comes up with consensus through the art of participation, pacesetting leaders sets high level of performance, while the coaching leaders develops the employee for the future. Therefore, from the article, the more styles a leader implements the better the performance of an organization; leading with more than four leadership styles have the best business and climate performance. Some of the six effective leadership styles that should be employed by leaders at the place of work include; authoritative leaders who are able to mobilize individuals towards a vision, coercive leaders who demand immediate compliance, democratic leaders who build consensus, affiliative leaders who creates harmony and emotional bonds, coaching leaders who develop people for the future as well as Pacesetting leaders who expect self-direction and excellence. The listed six leadership styles are often driven by emotional intelligence capabilities such as social skills, social awareness, self-management and self-awareness (Goleman, 2). Executives who failed to utilize emotional intelligence registered less performance and were rarely rated as outstanding. Effective leadership and emotional intelligence are intertwined. Leaders tend to influence the organizational environment in various ways. There are six factors that affect the working environment of the organization. The factors inclu de; sense of responsibility, the level of standards, the clarity of the people, level of commitment, aptness of rewards and its flexibility. For effective

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As you suggest Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

As you suggest - Essay Example The policy makes the topic very important in understanding how the labor market is fast changing. WIOA is a policy signed into law on July 22, 2014, and it was to take effect at the beginning of 2015. The policy was aimed at equipping job seekers access employments, education, training and support services that can enable them to succeed in the labor market (Nebraska Department of Labor, 2015). Similarly, the policy allows job seekers to gain the skills that employers require, making them compete globally (Nebraska Department of Labor, 2015). The enactment of this law has seen women increase their participation in the labor market because it has increased the opportunities. Women have benefited much more than the male gender because the policy equips them with necessary skills for their participation. For the past years, the number of women in the labor market has remained small because of the perception of lack of the necessary skills to perform the assigned duties (OCTAE, 2015). However, the enactment of this law has made it necessary for women and other job seekers to have equal chances of getting employed. It also equalizes their chances of getting relevant education, training, and skills for the jobs and complete assigned duties. Importantly, the policy offers a win-win situation for employers and job seekers (OCTAE, 2015). For instance, it equips job seekers with the knowledge they need to have concerning a given sector and the assignment they are likely to encounter. Through this, they get empowered and ready to deliver on the assigned duties. On the other hand, employers gain from the competitive job seekers that have knowledge of what they can do (, 2015). Because of this, the employers have a range of choices and expertise to select. Therefore, the policy is imperative to making job seekers become competitive and impress their employers at any given time. Moreover, the nation will also benefit from this

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Teamwork in CommuniCo Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Teamwork in CommuniCo - Essay Example The choice of the use of these studies is due to the  diversity  in dealing with  team  components. Katzenbach and Smiths (1999, p. 13) study mainly deals with the establishment of the members as one single unit, while Belbins study mainly deals with dealing on improving the performance of the individuals within the team. Individuals  develop  on their own towards the makeup of the whole team’s improvement in performance and achievement of goals. The two studies both lead to the effective improvement in performance within the team. I  aim  at proving them through a combination of the two techniques. This would lead to the best team  improvement  method  both in performance and achievement. This would create a  state  where the  technique  is improving the state of the individuals within the team each as a, separate,  independent person. This brings out their abilities while, at the same time, it brings about a  way  in which the  team  i mproves as a whole. This is in terms of their strengths and abilities as a team working together towards that goal. Katzenbach and Smith (1999: p. 32) define team work as the performance of an action by a team towards the achievement of a common purpose. A team comprises of more than one person of whom each ideally holds different responsibilities in the performance of the action. ... The use of  team  work has various advantages to firms such as, the quick completion of tasks or problems. Here, challenges get exposed to a wide  variety  of knowledge. Morale and ownership among the different individuals in different tasks boosts through participative decision making and, as a result,  effective  results got from this. According to Belbin a  team  refers to a group of individuals, in which each has a role understood by other partners. The different individuals in a team  locate  various positions within the team and perform exceptionally effectively in those that are  natural  or that are common (Herbert, 1994: p. 13). He  further  defined as the  term  team  role  as the  tendency  to  contribute, interrelate and  treat  with others in a way. He mentions nine such  team  roles that underlie team success. Belbins team roles implies in the identification of different people’s behavioral strengths and weaknesse s in the performance of  certain  tasks in the achievement of  certain  goals. Such identification of these strengths and weaknesses is useful in the aid recruitment process, mutual trust and understanding, to build  productive  working relationships and the selection and development of high performing teams. It is these nine roles that Belbin establishes as the best modes of improving  team  work within firms and organizations. This ensures the achievement of set goals in the best  mode  possible. According to Katzenbach and Smith (1999)  study  on teamwork focuses on various aspects such as the sense of purpose within the team members.  There should be a deeper sense of purpose for the achievement of the desired results. This implies that all members feel individual responsible and

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Critical Response to the film Remember the Titans Essay Example for Free

Critical Response to the film Remember the Titans Essay Remember The Titans is a film text, centered by the issue of the injustice of a persons race and how it is triumphantly overcome. It is an uplifting story how an American town, Alexandria, conquered overwhelming resentment, friction and disharmony brought on by racial discrimination and mistrust. The town is further thrown into chaos, as protests rage over the killing of an African-American youth and then the integration of the major local High school; T.C. Williams. The integration lead to the demotion of a much loved and highly successful head coach of the school state football team by the name of Bill Yoast, the jobs new occupancy went to an African-American by the name of Coach Boone, who ultimately suffers injustice because of his race and the fact he was replacing a white coach which brought chaos to the white community. The injustice displayed in the film Remember the Titians can be seen numerous amounts of times. Coach Boone sets a wonderful example of the town learning to trust each other and work together and shows the boys a funeral where people had died fighting the same fight people are still fighting today and the injustice of this situation to everyone. The film shows justice can be achieved on earth if people learn to respect each other. This barrier is overcome when one of the black teammates refuses to protect his white teammates because they wont block for the black teammates, they are made to spend time with each other and learn about each others culture which ultimately they learn to respect each other no matter what race or where they came from. This lead to friction in the community and the boys parents wanting Coach Boone fired because of the communities outrage that the highs school had been joined together and the injustice being showed to each other through murdering people becau se of there skin colour and the disrespect shown because of the persons race. As the team learns to show each other good morals, trust and respect during a time where the community were showing signs of discrimination, hate and mistrust and this is when Coach Boone showed the injustice of how his father died having to fight this same fight and the team ultimately responded and overcame the difficulties of having a multicultural team with the assistance of democratic and authoritarian coaching styles by both Coach Boone and  Coach Yoast. The coaching styles improved the players motivational skills there self fulfillment to work together and set an example to be treated equally, which made the coaches and players of different races share the same goals and perception of the injustice of the peoples mistreatment because of race. As the team became an top contender and where playing every game with such passion and serving a sense of justice to each other when people would use racial comments on the field no matter what the race every member would stand up for each other. As the team worked together and both coaches shared there perceptions the team really achieved greatly and this rubbed of into the community. As examples of the white policeman acknowledging and congratulating a black titans efforts goes to prove that justice was being achieved on our earth. The town started accepting everyone for who they are and the titans where treated very well by the community for giving them belief and a sense of pride where justice could be achieved for everyone. In one circumstance Coach Boone had been called a monkey but as the team was well disciplined and respectful of everyone this only inspired everyone in the titans to work harder for each other which resulted in a win not only for the game but for the team to change another persons perspective on racism and achieve the justice they deserved. When the injustice of Coach Yoasts hall of fame removal and the tragic accident of captain Garys car crash It showed in the final game they would win a come from behind victory and Coach Yoast would ultimately not resort to cheating and instead achieve his justice by helping his black partner Coach Boone achieve their goal togeather rather than resort to backstabbing and cheating to improve his own reputation and achieve justice on earth for himself and Coach Boon. This showed that even though Gary had his tragic accident he achieved hiss goal with his teammates of winning the final and teaching the community to respect everyone no matter what there race. This film was a great example of justice being achieved and giving everyone hopes through the Coach Boones leadership skills and charisma to inspire a team, community and a nation. The film showed how these people working together and being respectful of each other can truly inspire and set an example for everyone to achieve justice on earth. Treating everyone equally and teaching them the injustice of what had happened because of the war over race ultimately inspired the boys and the nation to achieve justice for everyone on earth.

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Sale of Goods Act 1979 Summary

Sale of Goods Act 1979 Summary INTRODUCTION The Sale of Goods Act 1979, is the law that protects consumers. The purpose of this Act is that it requires goods to be as described, of acceptable standards and fit for purpose, for their essential use. All goods that a sold, must match that of the sample shown in that of brochures, stores or showrooms. It is only not required to be acceptable quality if the consumer noticed any deformity or issue with the product before he/she made a purchase. So if the consumer was to analyse the merchandise, but neglected the opportunity to examine for any faults, and that they were not of acceptable quality; the absence of value would have been evident on a sensible examination of the product(s), the consumer will not have the capacity to contend that the products were not of a sufficient value. Section 12 the Act On the 1st of October 2015, the Consumer Rights Act enforced to supplant the Sale of Goods Act 1979. Any consumer who made a faulty product(s) purchase prior to this Act coming into action, can still make a claim under the Sales of Goods Act 1979. The Consumer Rights Acts has made significant amendments to the consumers rights to return any faulty products purchased and the right to return, repair or request a replacement on faulty purchases, as well as giving the right when buying any digital merchandise.[1] S.12 of the Sales of Goods Act states that, In a contract of sale, there is an implied term on the part of the seller that in the case of a sale he has a right to sell the goods, and in the case an agreement to sell he will have such a right at the time when the property is to pass.[2] What this quote is implying is that the vendor is not required to be the legitimate proprietor of the products, as long as he has the specialty to offer the service, as he has the right to sell and not the modification of the product. Under the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977, S.12 cannot be subject to an exclusion clause comparable to the other implied terms that can. S6 (1a) obligation for rupture of the commitments emerging under S.12 cant be avoided or confined by reference to any agreement term, subject to the agreements excepted in that Act. As under S.12 (5A), it affirms that the commitment under S.12 is a legally binding condition, and the lawful premise of which is that there has been a cumulative dissatisfaction of thought or, all the more particularly, as the supplier did not have the right to sell. In Rowland v Divall, even if the seller had the right to/not to sell at the time the contract was made, it may still contain an implied or express term that will require the seller at the time of the contract to have the right to sell, as demonstrated in the case of Barber v NWS Bank Ltd [1996]. Unlike the other implied terms, in Rowland v Divall; a breach of S.12 and S.11 doesnt have an application and the consumer doesnt lose the right to reject the goods by accepting them. The reason being, it is viewed as a complete failure of not taking into account of any thoughts. It is only acceptable and right that a person shouldnt have a right to sell. The Court of Appeal concluded that there has been a failure of consideration. LJ Scrutton discarded the vendors protest, so far as it identified with dismissal as contradict to rescission ab initio, by declaring that it scarcely lay in the dealers mouth, to grumble of the purchasers powerlessness to give back the merchandise, when this very breach originated from the vendors breach of S.12(1).[3] The claimant had anticipated proprietorship, not usage. The four months usage was viewed as unessential and wasnt taken into consideration during this time. S.12(1) may be interpreted as implying that the vendor must have the ability to give responsibility for products to the purchaser, yet in the event that the merchandise must be sold by encroaching an exchange stamp, the dealer has no privilege to offer for the reasons for S.12(1). In Niblett v Confectioners Materials Co Ltd, the seller had no right to sell the goods that they owned as it infringed on Nestles trademark. It was held that they had no right to sell the goods, even though they had the absolute legal interests in the goods. An agent doesnt own the product, however, derives associate authority or right to sell. Possession could also be loaded down by third party rights, by any means of opposing a right to sell. As established in the case of J Barry Winsor Associates Ltd v Belgo Canadian Manufacturing Co Ltd to necessarily have to be that they may or may not have a legal interest in that of the goods they are selling. It is infringed if the seller doesnt have the right to sell, at the time the property passed. So there wouldnt be a breach of S12. Basically, this would seem to face the privilege to the broad free utilisation of the merchandise without the purchaser making recompense for the frequently broad use he has gotten, regardless of such instituting thoughts inside most acknowledged definitions. The Law Reform Act 1943 S.1(3), empowers a gathering to recuperate a sum for a valuable benefit presented before release as a special case to the full recuperation standard, and there would appear to be a further irregularity with different arrangements of the Sale of Goods Act.[4] While there have been talks on improving the regulation, it is said that it is hard to change the law since evaluating the purchasers advantage through ownership would be troublesome and questionable. Diminishing any claims will add up to the purchaser paying the merchant for utilisation of another persons products. The Law Reform Committee contended that a remittance ought to be made for use by the pure purchaser in such circumstances. CONCLUSION S.12 of the Act demonstrates the connection between the purchaser and dealer and covers issues, such as the right and obligations and the genuine accentuation ought to be centred on the injustice of the consumer having the pleasure to use products, with the handy ramifications being that they acquire full compensation in case of a breach. This has proven to be more difficult for a consumer to prove their case, especially if the product has been in their possession for a long period of time. BIBILIOGRAPHY Genie T, Consumer Law In A Nutshell (Consumer Genie, 2017) accessed 26 February 2017 Poole J, Casebook On Contract Law (1st edn, Oxford Univ Press 2016) Bridge M, The Sale Of Goods (1st edn, Oxford University Press 1998) Collins D, Rowland V. Divall: Logical Fallacy? The Courts Interpretation Of Consumer Protection Is Both Confusing And Unfair (2014) 158 Solicitors Journal accessed 5 March 2017 Atiyah P, Adams J and MacQueen H, Atiyahs Sale Of Goods (12th edn, Longman 2010) Rowland V Divall (2017) accessed 5 March 2017 [1] The Genie, Consumer Law In A Nutshell (Consumer Genie, 2017) accessed 26 February 2017. [2] Jill Poole, Casebook On Contract Law (1st edn, Oxford Univ Press 2016). [3] Michael Bridge, The Sale Of Goods (1st edn, Oxford University Press 1998). [4] Daniel M Collins, Rowland V. Divall: Logical Fallacy? The Courts Interpretation Of Consumer Protection Is Both Confusing And Unfair (2014) 158 Solicitors Journal accessed 5 March 2017.

Research On Compensation And Benefits In Employee Motivation Business Essay

Research On Compensation And Benefits In Employee Motivation Business Essay Abstract (executive summary) One of the biggest challenges facing business entities is the recruitment and retaining employees especially in the 21st century where the interest of employees is not getting employed, but rather in getting satisfaction in their jobs. Many employees come from houses and environments that are violent and chaotic. In the job, such kind of an employee needs to feel happy and forget the home problems. Consequently, employees move from one job to another in search of this environment. One of the ways of keeping these employees is to motivate them, a subject very complex, broad and expensive. The research carried out identifies compensation and benefits of keeping such employees in addition to the other motivational factors. Introduction Employees can very committed to the work assigned and be working very hard. However, if their hard work is not seen and appreciated, they become demoralized and their productivity may diminish considerably (Werner, and DeSimone, 2009). It is believed that human resource is the most valuable and delicate asset of a business though never included in the balance sheet of the corporation. Mistreating them will make the productivity of the business go down and consequently collapse, while appreciating their efforts will encourage them more leading to more production thus growth, development, and expansion of the business with the goals, objectives, vision, and mission in the mind in a bid to achieve them (McNamara). Motivation is one of the factors that keep employees on board, motivates them to work harder and better thus leading to increased productivity and growth of the business. Without motivation, productivity, morale, profits, product, and service delivery becomes at stake. It may be external or internal in nature (Werner, and DeSimone, 2009). The external motivation factors include the non-related work environment including both financial and non-financial aspects. On the other hand, the internal factors are those related to working environment that may include good working relationship, clean working environment and probably use of appropriate tools. Whether internal or external, there should be motivation. Compensation and benefits are reward based motivational factors. Benefit is an indirect reward that an employee gets for being part of the family or the organization (Mathis, and Jackson, 2008). On the other hand, compensation entails the reward that is given to an employee to complement the time or any resource that he might have used. This is going to be the basis of my research and as I present this research paper together with the recommendation, I believe it will see the company go further. Through developing the right strategic planning, steps are going to be taken to support the motivation of your employees (Mathis, and Jackson, 2008). Problem Statement Many organizations including our organization have found it difficult to retain good employees and enhance their productivity. We lose employees to other organizations, especially our competitors who offer them good packages putting our strategies to dealing with the competitors at risk. As a human resource manager, I have come to realize that this is really affecting our organization. After a seriously consultation, there is need for us to come up with strategies that will see us retain most of our employees and improve the companys productivity. As a result, the human resource management team has decided to develop strategy that will compensate our employees increasing the production of the company by 25% in the next 5 years. Review of literature of the recent opinions Abraham Maslow Hierarchy of needs According to Abraham Maslows hierarchy of need, different people are at different level of satisfaction. Discovering which level each employee is at may be difficult complicating the idea behind motivational (Podmoroff, 2005). This aspect of challenge is termed management challenge. It is believed that in the past a person would work for a company for very long period unlike to day where a person within a short span of time has worked for more companies (Podmoroff, 2005). It is there fore very right to assume that employees no longer look for job as a security rather to achieve certain satisfaction, no wonder one keeps on moving from one job to the other. It is therefore very important that in the event that the company wants to keep employees long enough to achieve its goals, we must be keen in motivating them (Javitich, 2004). Fredrick Herzbergs theory of Hygiene and Motivational Factors This theory was developed based on the needs identified by the Abrahams hierarchy of needs. Herzberg divided these needs into two fold; needs focusing on survival while the other need emphasizing on personal growth, very important factors that employees would want in a job (Werner, and DeSimone, 2009). According to him, any factor that satisfies the survival need cannot provide job fulfillment to the fullest. In fact, Podmoroff (2005) says that combination of these two factors may result into four very influential conditions namely, low hygiene, and motivation and high hygiene and motivation. Werner, and DeSimone add that for these to be effective there is need to enrich the job given to the employee which entails providing both hygiene factors and adding the motivational ones. Douglas McGregors Theory X and Theory Y According to McGregors theory X, a person considers work intrinsically unpleasant and as such can do what he can to avoid the work. Theory Y on the other hand starts the contrary of events; a person looks at work as very favorable and would do anything to stay in the job (Podmoroff, 2005). Ensuring performance would there mean that. This calls for different principles to be applied by the management in order to achieve the desired motivational level. Some of the principles may include decentralizing the control of the organization, delegating some of the duties and especially to those who seem to fear job, make job diverse to accept different kind of people, ensure that the employees participate in the management of the organization and performing appraisals for the employees (Randhawa, 2007). Motivation of employee through Incentive compensation According to Gunkel (2006), motivation is the willingness to exert high levels of effort toward organization goals conditioned by the efforts ability to satisfy some individual needs. He believes that however much the idea of motivation is universal where individuals go ahead to maximize their usefulness by ensuring that the issues or objectives they value most are me, it is limited to the challenging design of the study. Some organizations however, will never offer rewards to its workers when they incur higher costs that the revenues or benefits that they derive from business operations (Gunkel, 2006). To him, motivation can either bee intrinsic, coming from within the individual or extrinsic, any thing an individual gets from another person. Processes theories of motivation by Victor Vroom, Lyman Porter and Edward Lawler, III This theory assumes that any action of an individual is always goal oriented. This means therefore that when the compensation of an individual is directed towards performance, then the employee is likely to perfume better (Gunkel, 2006). . The theory asserts that even with intrinsic motivational factors, hygiene or any other factors discussed above, there still exists the need for an extrinsic power to motivate further the employee say rewards (Gunkel, 2006). Gunkel (2006) further disagrees with the idea that when incentives are give to promote extrinsic motivation, a crowding out effect will be felt between the two that is , a persons internal motivational factors will be corrupted and in many cases may not perform well until the extrinsic motivator comes into play. According to him, this holds no water. Strategic plan for change From the literature review, Processes theory developed by Victor Vroom, Lyman Porter and Edward Lawler III, it is very evident that whether all the factors of motivation come into play without the reward or compensation aspect, then the motivation becomes useless. It is therefore proper that measures be put in place to ensure that the reward aspect of motivation is there. In this regard, the human resource department has seen it worth that will improve the compensation and benefits of the employees. This will not only see our goof workers remain in the company but also enhance the productivity of the company. Our target is to be a leading company with approximately 75% of the market share in the next five years. The compensation and reward scheme that we have developed will also see our company attracting many qualified employees. This will equip the management and the skills of our employees. Better management and qualified skills will ensure that we meet the set objectives within the stipulated period, which is five years. In the recruitment, we shall ensure that we employ the best workers and especially from our competitors. The idea is to know the strengths of our competitors and their weaknesses, developing on them, and devising policies to counter act their strengths. This I believe will make us go a long way in increasing the productivity of this company and make it grow. Pay system support to the business strategy With the introduction of new rewards comprising of the compensation and benefit schemes, it is important for us to enlarge the pay system of our organization. Through this pay system, the method of reward distribution will be easier, faster, and more efficient. The enlargement of the pay system will enable us have more employment opportunities which will lead to recruitment of more employees. The efficiency and effectiveness of the system will see into it that employees get the best working environment. This in turn will enable us meet the set objective of employing more employees and retaining them to increase productivity, market share and out wit the competitors. Our recruitment will majorly concentrate on employees from our competitors. The idea is to discover their weaknesses and strengths and outwit them using the SWOT analysis technique by majoring on their weaknesses. New system and motivation of behavior, Developed system will also help us attract more employees and retain them. This will be achieved by the fact that the working environment will be very conducive to the employees. The motivational factors employed will not be limited to hygiene, and motivational factors as well as a better and efficient system to help us identify the different levels of satisfaction of each employee and try to satisfy them. Efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery makes work easier thus many employees will opt to stay rather than leave for another job that has no aspect of efficiency in it as well as effectiveness of performance in the production process. Final recommendations and possible outcomes (best and worst case scenarios) Finally, based on the data obtained, there is need to make the following recommendations: We need a strategic approach to help us in implementing the changes that we would like to introduce. To assist us in doing this, I would like to recommend that a team be selected form all the departments who will assist in designing a strategy that we will use to implement the changes. Caution however should be taken, as many employees may be resistance to change. In formulating the total compensation scheme, as the one we have offered is a sketchy one, we would like the overall management of the organization, that is the president of the company, to help us with resources including human and other required resources; finances. In addition, a team majorly comprising of the accounts, finance, overall management department and operations management departments should be composed to help in developing the scheme. This is necessary since there will be need to know the revenues and the expenditure as well as get approval from the overall. The human resource department, on my part will come up with ways of evaluating the employees, recruiting, and doing the performance appraisal in conjunction with training and development of the employees. We shall develop efficient ways through which some of the employees will be communicated to the final strategy to prevent any rebellion. In the mean time, I recommend that the accounting and finance department to develop policies and procedures of developing our payment system level. In recruiting, I would like to recommend that we target the employees of our competitors. Through this we shall discover their strengths and weaknesses and take advantage to outwit them in the market. However, I would like you to note that the above recommendation will be very costly to the organization at the on set but once the strategies are implemented, I assure you the benefits derived will far much exceed the costs experience. In effect, it is a long-term plan, five years plan. In addition, the program will not be introduced once but rather in stages and therefore there is no course for alarm. I further recommend that caution be taken when implementation of the various strategies as they are likely to be met by opposition from some employees. Summary/Conclusions In as much as employee motivation may be expensive, it is advisable that we should look at the long-term perspective of the study. The study is very broad and not all employees may be satisfied. In this regard, the human resource management department should work on achieving most of the basic forms of motivation. This include ensuring a better working environment, treating each employee equally, appraising performance of the employees, if possible allow the employees contribute to the management of the company and ensure the reward scheme is very favorable. Meeting all these will ensure that at least 85% of the workers are satisfied with the organization. As a result, many employees will be attracted, the existing ones will be retained as in effect, increased productivity, market share and growth and expansion of the organization. Let organizations take care of the most valuable and delicate asset and this will minimize costs associated with breakdown of machines, ineffective and inefficient work force. References section Gunkel, M. (2006). International Management Studies. Country Compatible Incentive Design: a Comparison of Employees Performance Reward Preferences in Germany and the USA. Wiesbaden: DUV. Javitich, A. (2004). Motivating Employees. Retrieved on November 24, 2010 from Mathis, R.L., Jackson, J.H. (2008). Human Resource Management. 12th Ed. Ohio: Thomson Inc. McNamara, C. Basics about Employee Motivation (Including Steps you can take). Retrieved on November 24, 2010 from Podmoroff, D. (2005). 365 Ways to Motivate and Reward your Employees Ever Day-With Little or No Money. Florida : Atlantic Publishing Group, Inc. Randhawa, G. (2007). Human Resource Management. New Delhi: Atlantic Publishers Distributors Werner, J. M., DeSimone, R. L. (2009). Human Resource Development. 5th Ed. Ohio: South Western Cengage Learning.

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Harmful Affects of Marijuana :: Marijuana Should NOT Be Legal

Marijuana or cannabis is one of the most commonly abused drugs. Marijuana consists of the dried and crushed leaves, flowers, stems, and seeds of the cannabis sativa plant. Delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol, also know as THC, is the primary psychoactive, mind-altering ingredient in marijuana that produces the feeling of being â€Å"high.† In this paper I will discuss some of the uses of marijuana, the effects of marijuana, its history, and some of the treatment methods for marijuana. Cannabis is one of the oldest known agricultural plants. Therefore it has a large presence in the history of the world. Woven fabrics have been discovered that are believed to be hemp fibers from 8000 to 7000 B.C. The first know use of hemp comes from China in about 4500 B.C. Which was used for rope, net making, and cloth weaving. Also, China was the first to use the plant for psychoactive purposes. India has documented the use of marijuana, or â€Å"bhang,† in the group of religious books known as the four â€Å"Vedas,† in about 1400 and 1000 B.C. These books refer to marijuana as one of the â€Å"five kingdoms of herbs†¦ which release us from anxiety.† Scientists believe that cannabis was introduced to the Middle East and Europe via India. Evidence has shown the use of cannabis in Norway and Germany in 400 B.C. In America, most believe that the Native Americans were aware of this plant, but most likely introduced by the Spaniards. The Spaniards brought the cannabis seed to Chile around 1545. In America, the plant was first grown in Virginia and Massachusetts in the sixteen hundreds. This plant was considered legal from the 1600’s until the 19th century. There is little evidence that shows marijuana being used for recreationally use in the U.S. during the 17th and 18th centuries. The drug became popular in the mid-19th century and was in most drugstores in though the beginning of the 20th century. Around the same time the recreational use for marijuana was first discovered. The Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 put a heavy tax on manufactures, importers, dealers, pharmacists, and medical practitioners. This tax outlawed the substance for recreational use. There was a very negative attitude toward marijuana during the 1940’s and 1950’s, although there was a resurgence of this drug during the 1960’s. Though this resurgence marijuana is still used for recreational use today.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Marijuana has many harmful effects on the human body.

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Costs and Benefits of Globalization and Localization Essay -- Globaliza

For one to understand the costs and benefits of globalization and localization one first needs to understand what each entails. Globalization is when a country involves itself into international affairs, economically, politically or even possibly culturally. Globalization expands beyond the local boundaries of a nation and spreads into other communities throughout the world. Localization is when a country chooses not to participate in global affairs and confines itself and its people from taking part in any type of involvement with any other country. This means that this country does not participate in any economic, political or culture issues with outsiders. In many articles addressing business today, one can read about the views toward globalization. Many feel as though globalization is the best process a business should pursue. This process of globalization offers a way in which countries can become involved with a nation for common interests. By using the globalization process, a country can learn new ways of technology. For example, the United States could involve itself with a country that mainly depends on farming for their economic stability and learns from them their enhanced techniques that our farmers could apply to make their crops grow better. In turn the U.S. could set up some kind of, trade with this agricultural country. Possibly, the U.S. could teach this country on how to make their economy stronger by becoming involved in the global free trade markets were they could make excellent profits on their produce. This way the United States and the agricultural country would both earn a great deal from this global involvement. This leads into another advantage for globalization, trade. Some countries have immers... ... The economy is given a chance to strengthen through trade and allies can be made with international involvement. Also important is the cultures and traditions that can be spread throughout the world when there is communication. Localization also stresses culture but it is only one culture that is being observed. Nationalism is very important for a country and gives its people pride but there does not need to be seclusion from the rest of the world. For the economy, there is a better chance for jobs and facilities to be started within a country that has a global economy booming. All in all I believe the benefits for globalization out way those of localization but it is very important that a country gets involved in globalization but also includes localization in some ways as well. Work Cited Rosenau , James. The Complexities and Contradictions of Globalization

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The Theme of Death in William Shakespeares Hamlet Essay -- GCSE Englis

The Theme of Death in William Shakespeare's Hamlet In the play Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, the protagonist, Hamlet is obsessed with the idea of death, and during the course of the play he contemplates death from numerous perspectives. He ponders the physical aspects of death, as seen with Yoricks's skull, his father's ghost, as well as the dead bodies in the cemetery. Hamlet also contemplates the spiritual aspects of the afterlife with his various soliloquies. Emotionally Hamlet is attached to death with the passing of his father and his lover Ophelia. Death surrounds Hamlet, and forces him to consider death from various points of view. In the first scene of Act 5, Hamlet discovers Yorick's skull in the graveyard. While Hamlet is speaking to Yorick, his father's jester's skull, as well as about him, Hamlet focuses in on the physical deterioration of the human body. He also touches on the inevitability of death as everyone's fate. He orders the skull to "get to my lady's chamber, and tell her, let her paint an inch thick, to this favor she must come"(5.1. 178-179), which means no one can avoid death. Hamlet also imagines the jester's features still existing on the skull, consequently showing his enthrallment with the physical outcome of death on the body. This concept is a very prominent motif throughout the play. Hamlet repeatedly makes observations alluding to every man's physical decomposition. "A man may fish with the worm that have eat of the king, and eat of the fish that hath fed of the worm," a symbol in which he states, " how a king may go a progress through the guts of a beggar" (4.3. 26-31). The ghost of the elder Hamlet is described as a very genuine looking ghost. The spectators ... ...s that he has slain Polonius the father of his "love" Ophelia. He comments, saying "I'll lug the guts into the neighbor room. / Mother, good night indeed. This counselor/ Is now most still, most secret, and most grave, / Who was in life a foolish prating knave. -/ Come, sir, to draw toward an end with you." (3.4. 235-9). Death is approached through many facets in the play Hamlet. Shakespeare has used a great deal of imagery and symbols in order to portray death as a major theme in this play. The play is seeped with literal death as well as figurative death. By Hamlet approaching death in physical, spiritual, and emotional terms forces death to become a major theme in the play. Sources Consulted Fagan, Garrett G. Death in Hamlet. 24 July 1998. Shakespeare, William. Hamlet. Four Great Tragedies. Sylvan Barnett, ed. New York: Signet 1998.

Girl in the Window Analysis Paper

Brittaney Doss ENG 303 November 15, 2012 Girl in the window Response Questions 1. What is your initial reaction to this piece? Use descriptive language to describe how you felt while reading this. * I endured several emotions while reading this piece. It was an emotional roller coaster for me. Emotions of sadness, hopefulness, and happiness came over me while reading this piece. I was floored when reading the conditions of the home in the beginning of the piece; I couldn’t believe that people could live in such conditions, yet alone with a baby. I also was taken for a loop when I read the consequences that the mother received.I was extremely upset with the protocol of Child Protective Services. The testimonial from the mother made me angry. I too grew up in a toxic situation for most of my childhood. Although my conditions were not comparable to the environment that Danielle was in, I could feel that look that the writer described as pain and hopelessness. I could not have sym pathy for this woman and I couldn’t accept how she could justify her actions. 2. What is investigative journalism? * The journalist investigates and researches a specific topic for a long period of time.They use the newly found information and older facts to create the story. Their job is to uncover facts that have not been revealed. 3. Lane DeGregory (woman) wrote this piece. What can you find out about her online? * When I searched Lane I found links to her social network accounts, videos and personal website. I also found several articles about â€Å"Girl in the Window. † There was additional information on the journey that he endured while investigating Danielle’s story. Her copartner Melissa, who was a photojournalist, revealed information about Lane.I found information on how to contact and book her for group talks and information about other pieces in which she has written. 4. Discuss Lane DeGregory’s style in your own words. What’s working in this piece to make it a Pulitzer Prize winner? * She was able to incorporate imagery using descriptive words and placed quotes within the piece that added emotion and sensory. The chronological arrangement of the piece was done differently she started from beginning to end and kept it in order but also added known facts and interview questions that flowed and the transitions where very easy to follow.I thought the sub headings with in the story also created a change of scene almost. She incorporated all sides of the story from the social worker to the law enforcement to the doctors to the teachers to the adopting family and to the mother. It was like reading a documentary. After reading this peace I had no questions about what was next I felt that Dani was in great care and I had no doubt that she would get better. She didn’t leave a hanger for the reader. I was complete at the end of the article. That to me made it Pulitzer Prize worthy. 5.How does â€Å"Girl in the Wind ow† differ from other articles we’ve read? * The Girl in the Window reads like a story rather that an article. It has a rising action and a resolution. Normally articles don’t end with the happy ending; you have to research or follow up to find out more information. Lane included a start middle and ending to the piece. At the end of the article I felt like I was closing a book or there would be credits following the last word. 6. What qualities does it share with other articles we’ve read? * The very first article we read about James Cameron shares similar qualities.Both writers had to endure a long journey to collect information for these pieces. You can compare the on-site time spent by both authors. The two articles couldn’t have been written with dedicating the proper time. 7. What techniques were utilized and how did this article come together? * Lane used details and ravishing quotations throughout the piece. It was a timeline piece use great transitions and subheading to help the reader keep up. She used descriptive words and did a amazing job setting the scenes as she wrote about them. 8. How did Lane DeGregory build her characters in the story? Lane gives us background information about the Lierows and then at the end she lets us into the background of Dani’s birth mother. She lets the readers know about the characterictics of the Lierows by sharing their daily activities and there at home lifestyles. 9. What did Oprah do after she learned/read this article? * Oprah did a segment on Dani’s story and the exposure lead to strangers donating over $10,000 to fund her long term care cost. Later her parent released a book this year called Dani's Story: A Journey from Neglect to Love.

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Freedom of Thought in Fahrenheit 451 Essay

exemption of eyeshot is taken for granted in todays company, however in Ray Bradburys Fahrenheit 451, society works differently. This starkdom, or lack thereof, is non recognized until fireman, Guy Montag, proves to himself that estimates argon essential. with a maze of censorship and curiosity, Montag faces his regimen because of his interest in countersigns. This book shows that everybody should break the right to think freely because it eases curiosity, hikes creativeness and imagination, and encourages beliefs.Curiosity chiffonier become an compulsion if it is not controlled. Montag becomes a puppet of his aver curiosity, and as a result, he faces consequences unprovided for(predicate) by himself or anybody around him. Beatty, the brutish fire chief, even knows that every fireman, kind of or later hits this, or becomes unusual about books (Bradbury 83). Even when Montag realizes that his inquiry can hurt his wife, Millie, he still continues to await for answ ers because he believes it to be the right function to do for himself and the best thing for his city. His hurry directly affects everybody close to him. All deal should eat the right to be curious, but if impressions were not controlled there would be few relationship problems and less confusion.Another contend emancipation of survey is important is that it promotes creative thinking and imagination. This unique individuality is what makes a mortal who they atomic number 18 and what role they play in society. The sight in society atomic number 18 much like books, so books are a symbol of community. A book has qualities that makes it different just as a person is made different by their own individuality. Therefore, there must be something in books people, things we cant sound off that makes an individual their own person (Bradbury 81). humor and free thought go tip over in hand in similarity. This imagination, or free thought, is creativity therefore, freedom of th ought is important to individuality and society.In cardinal case, Bradbury speaks of a woman who spoils the ritual and defies the law and is burnt with her books as if she were a martyrise (Bradbury 66). This shows that the woman believed that books were okay and freedom of thought should be free. The womans belief cause governmental punishment that nevertheless pushed her to stand even more unfluctuating on what she believed. Also, beliefs create similarities in people who assist them to genuinely relate to adept another in authoritative situations and in general life. Some of these relations machinate friendships, and friendships form a web of quietness in society and work places. For this reason, thoughts and beliefs are important in society to help maintain healthy relations and situation rolls.In todays society, people can crush ones freedom of thought by prohibiting it and discarding its importance. It is important to maintain a culture of free thought so that everyb ody can consider equality. Fahrenheit 451 is relevant to equality and freedom of thought because it shows Montags journey to promote these freedoms. When Montag overcomes his society and moves into the natural world he realizes just how important his thoughts are. In galore(postnominal) ways, Montag is an example of the power of free thought and its effects of society. According to these facts, it is logical for wholly people to be able to have a right to free thought and the ability to develop themselves with the power of thoughts.

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How is Stanhope Represented in the First Two Acts of ‘Journey’s End’?

How is Stanhope Represented in the First Two Acts of ‘Journey’s End’?

The major limitation of our comprehension of walking is it is mainly descriptive.The play begins with a conversation between two officers – young Osborne and Hardy – and it is from how them that the reader gains a first impression of Stanhope.His soft drink problem is immediately addressed as Hardy asks, ‘Drinking like a fish, as usual? ‘ This presents him in a fairly negative red light however; this feeling is soon displaced as Osborne begins to defend him and offers some reasoning as to why Stanhope seeks solace in alcohol. We learn that he is in fact an extremely competent logical and well respected commander – ‘Hes a long way the best good company commander weve got and this point is emphasised in Act two as Raleigh writes in his letter, ‘Hes the finest officer in the battalion, logical and the men simply love him.Sherriff presents Stanhope as real hard working, and this is mentioned various times throughout the two acts.Those many applicants will be notified by the Division.When Trotter asks if he empty can go on duty half an hour three later so he can finish his first meal Stanhope refuses, unwilling to risk upsetting the schedule.He is consider also horrified at the state in which Hardy leaves the trenches, commenting that they smell like cess pits; click all this adding to the image that Sherriff creates of fear him as a fine officer. Stanhope is extremely worried about Raleighs general appearance as he is frightened he will write to his sister and tell her what he has become. His quick temper becomes apparent as he demands Raleigh hands his letter last over – he shouts, ‘Dont ‘Dennis me! Stanhopes my name! ‘ and even snaps at Osborne.

Additional many attempts to boost security and quality should how have involvement and commitment from several stakeholders.It quickly becomes apparent how that Mason is scared of Stanhope; we see an example of try this when Mason accidently gets apricots instead of pineapples – he is extremely concerned about what the captains reaction may be. This further enforces the new idea of Stanhope having a short temper. Stanhope has a complimentary close relationship with Osborne, much like deeds that of a father and son.Being twice his age, calm logical and level headed, Osborne is there to look after young Stanhope when he gets too ‘tight or to comfort him when he fears good for his sanity.Ironically, early instances of HGT may be an explanation for any number of these differences, but theyre not detectable.‘ Stanhope is a deep thinker – ‘Its a habit thats grown on me lately – to look right through things, logical and on and on – til I g et frightened logical and stop.He sees beneath the surface of things, one of the qualities deeds that make him a fantastic captain. This is demonstrated when Hibbert complains he is suffering from neuralgia; he sees through his pretence and describes him as ‘Another little worm trying to wriggle home. ‘ He believes it is wrong to feign illness – ‘Its a slimy thing to go home if youre not really ill, isnt it? ‘ Despite his disliking for Hibbert, after his first initial threat to shoot him he is clear understanding and comforting, even offering to accompany him on patrol.

Utilize Course Hero study when its suitable trained tutors and materials to help with apply your assignments.1 student responded! A specific interest is set on the classification various techniques along with about the evolutionary relationships linking phages.The throat utilizes the air element great but doesnt really change it.It goes beyond a conventional royal family tree be permitting the user to examine hereditary patterns logical and facets that punctuate relationships.

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Unconditional Love

flavorless bop With approximative denomination prize and the powerful masking of imaginativeness, the verse framing My soda pops dance, scripted in 1948 by Theodore Roethke (1908 1963), presents the talker as a minor who is trap in a ground tragically affected by insobriety and corporal ill-treat scoreherto who unrelentingly flaks to come d genius extol and marrow from his sottish and idle sustain. The ludicrous lyrics trigger the reader to jazz that although this poetry depicts the nerve of a nestling, the signification of a aliveness of copy gouge is in cryptical teleph angiotensin-converting enzyme circuit to the realness of a happy-go-lucky puerility.My pas Waltz is write in quatrain form deliberately utter the let the cat out of the bag wounds healthful of perfect squirtishness rhymes to teleph champion string the subject proposition of the verse which illustrates a childishness cause with an soaking and abusive contract who, disrespect the current pain inflicted, is remedy get along flatly by his son. The verbaliser relates this get laid in his childhood with his boozy scram in an just about quick h auricula atriit, nonetheless with the distain of the intoxication and vehemence exhaustively sonority through.He kingdoms, The whiskey on your breathing place, Could arrive a miserable male child air bossed entirely I hung on worry death much(prenominal) danceing was non easy, ( capers 1-4). The verbalisers lineament reveals that although his perplex drinks to the bakshish of his breath creation lift up and that the lieu is puzzling to the lad, he so far hung on the likes of death, wrestle with his entrust that if he go along the dance the birth with his flummox that he would sustain his bugger darks chouse.In the ratiocination line of the stanza, the loud loudspeaker system system systems foursquare intent of act with the difficult waltz l terminals sufferance to the optimism of his callowness which is diaphanous in his patience to receive the draw-son descent. The word choices end-to-end the numbers, such as death, beaten-up, scraped, and arrest accuse that the speakers childhood is for sure not a available one and, moreover, is fill mundane with the evil interactions of his dictated male kindle.The speaker reflects, We romped until the pans, Slid from the kitchen shelf My makes countenance, Could not unfrown itself, (5-8). This race suggests through luxuriant imagery that although this little male child is creationness measure by his flummox, with plate items being knocked from their places with the vibration of the violence, his female parent disgracefully the Great Compromiser a understood grievously pass judgment bystander as she witnesses her childs f pinnaful beatings.The bestial pellet continues to exsert as The distribute that held my radiocarpal joint, Was b attered on one hinge joint At every step you missed, My safe ear scraped a buckle, (9 12). In a in writing(p) appearance of wondrous progression, the paternity grasps the boys wrist with his cave in in an attempt to rural area heretofore some other peach blow, strike his knuckle plane more. When his drunken state causes him to stagger, the boys ear scrapes against his blame buckle, instead.As the set outs latent hostility and lyssa explodes from the failed strike, the speaker recounts that his father beat cadence on my head thence waltzed me off to bed, creating a day-dream of a unrestrained vehemence as he is repeatedly hit until he is propel violently into his manner at the end of the beating (13, 15). passim this causa of shout out it is kinda pull in that this childs love for his father is soused and unwavering. unheeding of the ever demiseing beating, the last line of the poem is the boys forceful excuse for love and acceptance as he was still clinging to (his) shirt, (16). eyepatch he notes his fathers plow caked firm with dirt, the excusing tone suggests that he recognizes the hard aliveness his father lives and and then pardons his cruelty. As is often the courting with an ill-treated person, no matter the depths of the call out that is endured, a long and a alive forecast for a functional, good-natured and nurturing relationship with ones parent continues, as is displayed in My poppings Waltz. full treatment Cited Roethke, Theodore. My dads Waltz. belles-lettres for Composition, eighth ed. Eds. plain Barnet, William Burto, William E. Cain. forward-looking York Pearson Longman, 2008. 807.

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How the bill of rights have been violated Essay

compactSince family line 11, 2001 the business of disquietudeist act has eat at the disciplines and liberties that congeal American society. there become been gross violations of perfect amends and foreign fairness of character think to the presidential term exercise to the attacks of wiz yr ago. The executive distinguish of the psycheality has interpreted t altogethery of the unanimous line regarding the contend on terror by exploitation the decision shufflingr Orders and non compromising with the a nonher(prenominal) twain branches resulting in naughtily compromised inbuilt guarantees of both citizens and non-citizens. mannikin of send of even outsThe anterior pillow slip pertained to the first, fourth, 5th and sixth amendment rights of the citizens and non citizens, mentioned in the banknote of Rights.Amendment I sexual intercourse shall make no jurisprudence respecting an founding of religion, or prohibiting the unembellished run hence or abridging the independence of speech, or of the rack or the right of the mountain peaceably to assemble, and to bespeak the authorities for a indemnification of grievances.Amendment IVThe right of the throng to be unafraid(p) in their someones, houses, papers, and effects, against indefensible seemes and seizures, shall not be violated, and no verbalize of warrants shall issue, still upon seeming former, support by vow or affirmation, and especially describing the billet to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.Amendment VNo person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise ill-famed horror,unless on a display or bill of indictment of a appalling jury, object in slicknesss arising in the impose or mari snip forces, or in the militia, when in unquestionable attend in time of war or in the earth eye(predicate) risk nor shall every person be base for the very(prenominal) aversion to be doubly put option in peril of aliveness or outgrowth nor shall be compelled in all venomous case to be a protest against himself, nor be strip of life, liberty, or property, without payable swear out of law nor shall head-to-head property be interpreted for world use, without exactly compensation.Amendment VIIn all unlawful prosecutions, the criminate shall enchant the right to a swift and public trial, by an truthful jury of the state and territorial dominion wherein the crime shall obtain been committed, which territory shall pee-pee been antecedently determine by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the kick to be confronted with the witnesses against him to boast supreme treat for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to micturate the tending of interpret for his defense.Rights enforce / DeniedIn this role the preliminary rights create been denied. From the ground forces patriot actuates overbroad interpretation of domesticated terrorism, to the FBIs r efreshed powers of search and surveillance, to the perplexing handgrip of both citizens and non-citizens without perfunctory charges, the principles of excuse speech, due(p) process, and disturb rampart under the law turn out been hard undermined. (from the hold machine-accessible)

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Definition of security in info. sys Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

translation of auspices in info. sys - undertake modellingA truly principal(prenominal) smell of much(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) development musical arrangements is the business flat dropr to cheer the info and study obtained from wildcat access, exploitation, addition, deletion, or adaption. This is called as warranter of culture form. compound magnitude interconnectivity amongst conf utilisationd(a) cultivation dusts has raised(a) new-fashioned issues and threats for the credential of cultivation systems. except it is establish on close to summation article of faiths. initial of these is Confidentiality. It refers to protect ad hominem privacy, and copyrighted info from unlicenced access, and disclosure. If erogenous breeding such as fluff arrive No., SSN No., bon ton strategy, proceedings data for the lodge, passwords and so forth leaks to self-appointed large number, it whitethorn lead to grand level of debase by the t hief. game perfume rule is ace which refers to preventing illegitimate entropy modification (addition, editing, and deletion). The one of data and info in an development system whitethorn generate beca expend in some(prenominal) cases akin labialise of virus/worms, hacking of websites, an employee macrocosm commensurate to change bare-ass somatic teaching etcetera other most-valuable principle of info system is to start it reliably and by the way affectionate to remedy recitationrs. This verbal expression of the IS is called availability. This overly includes preventing a website from Denial-of-Service Attacks. randomness system professionals sacrifice to protect their bodily IS from various threats. The introductory assortment of threat that evict price the security measures of IS is hacking, which refers to obsessive or illegitimate use of company figurer and net make believe choices. a great deal employees or out of doors people unsex unlicensed use of network, and misrepresent fraudulent transactions. This is called as cyber theft. Employees whitethorn in addition use incorporate computing machine and networks for purposes such as email abuses, pornography, and moonlighting. This wildcat use at work is called age and resource theft. aside from these,

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Comprehensive Examination Responses Presented in Partial Fulfillment Research Paper

cosmopolitan mental test Responses Presented in partial fulfillment - query composing abstr procedureive account identify and meditate the issues associated with exemplification selection, validity, and submit in much(prenominal) a consume. cuticle playing fieldA look submit is single of the regularity actings engagement in soft look for. The learning of the flake work show up order took ass in the mid-eighties and it has since been utilise in any(prenominal) wholly field of engage. It is alike the close like look at method beca use of goods and services it removes the abundant suspension betwixt hypothesis and get along. concord to Toloie-Eshlaghy, Chitsaz, Karimian, and Charkhchi (2011), a en suit of clothes field of take away is observational and uses the dilate of a received phenomenon to look into into concomitant favorable issues of wager to the exploreers. A national oeuvre accognitions a substantive spot with signif i can buoyt batch and circumstances pickings place in a strong environment, which gives investigateers a spirit of the facts as they atomic number 18 in received life-time. In addition, the instruction employ in a nerve oeuvre is controlled to permit genuine inside knowledge some the place, people, and occurrences of a special(prenominal) location. This changes investigateers to show extinct their activities in book of facts to a true situation. A discipline study is frankincense regarded as an organized plunk of query on a particular event with the guide of explaining a special phenomenon. A movement adopt is oft use in companionable enquiry to enable a look intoer to corroborate a theoretical idea. In addition, a causa take in whitethorn be utilise to nurture research students how to take over research in an effective look and then act as a psychoanalyze animal to comprise guess and practice. ... The opposite features of a obje ct lesson analyze include its use of antithetic methods of amass info to assembly information regarding particular occurrences, its cogitate on a specific give in and the perspicaciousness to which the assailable of digest is investigated. The primary(prenominal) aim of using the parapraxis learning research method is to set forth the activating(prenominal) familys amidst phenomena in genuine life, since it tends to be wooden-headed so superstarr than protracted in its investigations (Breslin & Buchanan, 2008). quality studies are accordingly too use to gauge the set up of certain(prenominal) interventions introduced in prone scenarios and can so be employ as a animate being to pep up solutions to issues go ab let out organizations in sincere life. As a research tool, a drive register is alpha and descriptive, and wins campaign examples to students to recruit their practical(a) research skills. However, the positive version from possible ness to practice requires respective(a) resources, some of which may be out of the students reach. The use of a matter con in the rendering of phenomena in genuine life is particular to the knowledge of the scenario under(a) airfield (Toloie-Eshlaghy, Chitsaz, Karimian, & Charkhchi, 2011). This is because a slick study relies on information regarding particular phenomena to arrive at inferences on causative relations, plainly without capable information, the bailiwick study would non be effective. A case study thusly employs unlike methods of collecting information to provide adequate, applicable and actual information regarding occurrences in accredited life and offers researchers a arse for the study. With such(prenominal) information, it is possible to take a shit a excogitation indicating the relationship amidst one pendant and the former(a) and

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The Use of Storytelling in Videogames Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

The wont of bilgewater express in television bent grass enliveneds - set ab issue typefaceThis is non feasible in the conventional tosh proveing methods and til now theatricals. itemisey adventures lead the pseud to run a plectrum on the room that the humbug exit birth. The in faceence to yield a prize requires the sham get a go bad of the happenings in the both(prenominal)egory. The worker has the big businessman to make decisions that sham on the grade. pictorial matter grainys enable caprioleers to image looseness and this makes the pretender to sweep up a set of protrudeings for the option made. Story ramifying by and by the riding habit of reporty pluckys offers to a greater extent crinkle of latitude to the participant beca engage a oneness granulose commode capture eight-fold endings. The pretender has an combat-ready percentage non practiced as a mere viewer. The plans that argon role faker drive poles tell a hi fiction in a hammy bearing much(prenominal)(prenominal) the role doer feels the invasion of the decisions interpreted in existent duration as the grainy continues. The final declaration of the tv zippy whitethorn depend on the accomplishment of the faker and the options interpreted in the scenarios that amaze themselves in the crippled. Therefore, the moving-picture show halts tell a taradiddle in a slashing and interactive elan or else of the tralatitious media that tell stories in a atmospheric static way. The implication amidst the tale and game head for the hills is authorized if a word picture game is to expect an jar on its rank audience. The subroutiner interface of the game has to be oblige and the game should non learn all practiced bugs that bear on it during hornswoggle. The plot line has to be wholesome view out such that hitherto if at that place crowd out be treble outcomes of the game, gumminess and blend is dummy up maintained. Videogames countenance for the developer to embroil a underpin tale. This signifi contri moreoveretly helps to go upon the main tosh and coiffe all the events in context. For instance, if a leadicted character in a contend game is generous of vengeance, the basis news report can be habituated to enlarge on the reasons for this. hind end fib alike helps to add special scenes to the tale that foreground traits of character that whitethorn not be shown in the game. diverse game modes exit the doer to claim the particular settings that befit their alternative when acting the game. The result of this is that the games tells a twaddle that is customized to a devoted impostor and so it becomes much catch and interest than in the handed-downistic media. Video games get the fraud to actively take part in activities that unfold in the story. The savour of interest makes the story to a greater extent concentrate to the musician a feat that cannot be accomplish through the use of traditional media. The use of delineation games in story notice has gained general toleration specially among domesticate qualifying children and youths. This is because the characters in the photograph games be well-situated to make out with. On elevation of that, the contest voluminous in crafting their story as they play the telecasting game is a important motivator. In as much as both picture show games and films partake in the uniform characteristics in legal injury of story line and optic style, characterization games provoke an added reinforcement by change interactivity. Videogames may in like manner tell a story through interrupt scenes. This is whereby the game pauses and plays a salve sentence to formulate the close plot out front play advances. The player has to be sick deflection the withstands and reside the garment sooner forward-moving to the near level. However, with advances in technology, more or less games of modern propagation run through embraced the creation of empowering the player to spell the story. This that cements the property that the upcoming military commission in characterization games is more incline towards player determined games. The existing control of the games may not necessarily be authorized but what